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20th March 2006
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Hayd Stole My Title!!!

Dave: Okay me on rant duty today and after the 2 worst rants

 ever, yes EVER its me once again on with the shiny new site and

much more time than last time despite me being on placement. Not

 sure how that works but hey. Last night was interesting I

went to the Derby Nott's and Lincoln Society of Chartered

Accountants annual dinner. Had to wear a tux (photos incoming

 maybe). And listened to Adam Heart Davis(the guy who does the

"tax doesn't have to be taxing" adverts and what the romans did

for us) banging on about toilets for half hour. Okay I'm being

harsh he was quite good I was just tired and moody. Loved the

whole tux thing though. Felt like James Bond... Only better

looking obviously. In other less random news,

we are once again taking part in the great web comic

St George's day piss up! Yes it has been a year

already how gay is that. Yet another year off my life has

 been pissed up the wall much like what it going to

happen to the 30 quid I made last night by pretending to

be a Taxi driver (its a long long story).

Any way I'm now off to purchase ready meals for lunch

next week and then waste the rest of my money

on alcohol for numbing the lesson planning boredom and my own

wit (not that my wit needs it but hay).

See yas!!

Davey B and the Stocker Flats Massive.

Dave: daveyb@unichallenged.com




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