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27th February 2006
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The more things change the more they stay the same...

Hayd: Well I guess that’s true. Welcome to Universally Challenged a ‘new’ webcomic to grace the pages of

‘teh internets’. Yes we’ve been here before but now we have a new name, new outlook and new direction.

Told you we’d be back ;) . Truth be told, both me and Dave missed doing the comic and coming up with

daft ideas, so we decided it was time to return. Now for all those fretting all the old comics have been placed

in our archive and we’ll be continuing our number order so we won’t start all over again. One of the biggest changes we've

implemented is the use of a picture in the rant section. It's true, as of now you'll either get mine or Dave's ugly mug glaring

at you (personally I'd go with mine every time lol)


Now as for updates, me and Dave both found it was far too much to do 2 comics a week, especially with

our degree’s so we’ve decided to do one comic a week from now on, this will update every Monday

so make sure you always check back here then.


Now a few of you may also notice that we have no guestbook. We had to scrap it unfortunately folks

as it was chock full of spam posts and spyware, however all is not lost and the words ‘forum board’

has been banded around the Universally Challenged household for a few weeks now, so we’re strongly

 considering that. Let us know what you think via email folks below.


With all that said, it's time for the thank you section. Mike you've been great, designing the site helped us out more than you can

imagine, look us up, we owe you a few pints. Sarah is the person responsible for the kick ass new logo at the top of this page, so

mucho respect goes to her for taking time out to do that, I know you're spare time is rare so thanks babe. And finally to the legions

of people who not only stuck up for us at the end of the last site, but for the people who believed in us when we wanted to come

back, all you guys are great. Seriously.


Anyway it’s great to be back. So I will once again catch you on the flipside folks ;)

Hayd: bigbot@unichallenged.com



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