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Scanning oversized items!
(This process was self taught. Experienced people need not criticize!)

1) Scan the top half of the book above while keeping the right side
of the comic square against the top edge of the scanner.

2) Scanned at 300 dpi.

3) Reduced 25% after scanning.

4) Sharpened the image after reducing.
(I saved this scan as "Superman_vs._Spiderman_a.png,
I prefer saving master files as png.
"a" tells me it's the top half of the comic.)

5-8) Do the same with the bottom half.
(I saved this as "Superman_vs._Spiderman_b.png)

9) Open both the "a" & "b" saved files in a graphics editing program.
(I'm cheap and  use an old version of Paint Shop Pro)

10) Rotate both scans 90°.

11) Add a border (any color) to the bottom half of the top image.

12) Enlarge a section on the bottom half that is shared with the top half.
(In this case, Spiderman's hand)

13) Do the same on the top half of the cover.

14) Locate common pixels.

15) Click the cloning brush tool.

16) Set an appropriate size for the brush to get quickest coverage (but not too big).

17) Click on a common pixel in the window on the right as
a center reference point for copying.
(Note: red pixel, top left in circled area above.)

18) After one click with the cloning tool,
shrink the image on the left  (below).

19) Start cloning. Only clone the areas that are missing from the top half.
Be cautious where shade areas differ slightly.
Don't overspray unnecessary areas.
Don't go too high or you can get a seam.

20) Finish Cloning.

21) Crop the image and save.

Here is the final product after reducing!

Questions or comments?