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The J-Jay”


Dear Journal,


Today, while trekking through the wilderness, I happened upon an ancient rain tree, and there, resting quietly in the thicket, sat a bird hitherto unknown to me.  Naturally, I was curious.  Being supremely careful to make no noise, I quietly retrieved my sketchbook from my pack.  Sitting on a decrepit stump, I quickly drew a detailed illustration of the new species, for, after further inspection of the drawing, that is what I determined it to be.  As can be seen from the beautiful plumage and strange markings around the beak area, the bird is most definitely a male.  Unfortunately I was only equipped with a pencil (and a sharp wit!) and was unable to depict the vibrant yet subtle colors of the specimen, though these can almost be imagined through the delicate shadings and graceful lines of the illustration.  It would be very hard, even for me, to describe the indescribable beauty of this creature.  And so, as they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words…” 

P.S. I think I’ll call this one the J-Jay.






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