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Marvel Comics: Cheapest Prices for Spiderman, The Hulk and more!

Marvel comics for one penny! Famous Marvel comics heroes and anti-heroes like Spider-Man (or Spiderman!), the Hulk, Iron Man, Daredevil, Marvel's Fantastic Four, The Mighty Thor, and many more! Collectibles, new and used Marvel comics, some classics by Stan Lee and many of them being auctioned starting for as little as one penny or 99 cents. It is free and easy to become a member of the eBay Marketplace and you will be able to get stuff that are not at your local store and cheaper than ever! Your Spidey sense is tingling! The oldest debate: who is the strongest superhero? Is Spiderman a stronger hero than the Hulk? Well, Spiderman is smarter than the Hulk and Spiderman should be able to lift far more than 10 times his body weight (a spidey thing!), but is he stronger? Marvel Comic Books made Spiderman cunning, Fantastic Four type cunning, X-Men cunning, but Spiderman also has his spidey sense. Is it only because of the Spiderman movies that he is so popular now or is it the writing at or is it because he is stronger than the Hulk?? OK, it's true the Hulk is incredible because the angrier he gets, the bigger and stronger the Hulk becomes. But the Thor is powerful and never forget Spiderman! What does Star Wars have to do with Marvel Comics anyways?? Anyways, I hope you find these comics useful and fun and cheap! The Scorpion went on to face Spider-Man many times in his long career. Most of these battles occurred when Peter stepped in to save the life of Jonah Jameson, who Gargan has hated ever since. With his mechanical tail, speed, and strength, The Scorpion has always been more than a match for Spider-Man. Only Spider-Man's skill and experience has been enough to tip the scales in his favour. Most recently, Scorpion was recruited by Norman Osborn. Gargan was informed of Spider-man's real identity, and ordered to kidnap Peter's Aunt May if anything should happen to Osborn. In mid-mission, Scorpion was approached by the Venom symbiote. Risking Osborn's wrath, Gargan chose the Symbiote over Osborn's mission, since the Symbiote's potential for power was far greater than any newly designed Scorpion suit could ever be. He thus became Venom III. With Gargon out of the way, the Scorpion isn't gone forever. There are rumours of plans to debut a new female super hero who goes under the same alias. What about Peter Parker?? Peter Parker was orphaned at an early age, and went to live in Forest Hills, Queens, New York with his elderly Aunt May and Uncle Ben. He grew up as a shy, be-spectacled studious boy, with a real talent for the Sciences. It was at a scientific demonstration of a new radiation technology, that the incident happened which was to change his life forever. Unperceived by the crowd, a spider had crept into the beam of radiation being generated by the experiment. It dropped down onto the hand of our erstwhile genius, Peter Parker, and (glowing strangly all the while) bit him upon the hand. Feeling unnerved, Peter left the building, and wandered home in a daze. When a car almost clipped him, he lept without thinking, up high, and onto the side of a building, where he stuck, like a Spider. Indeed, this young boy had gained the Powers of a Spider - speed, strength, wall-sticking, and an unerring sixth-sense which warned him of danger just before it occured. Is the White Rabbit Crazy? The White Rabbit is a clear example of a nutcase. As a child, she belonged to a rich family, who wanted to give her an upright education. She was mostly secluded and "protected", in order to become a "proper lady". Having nowhere to turn, she found her refuge in books, until she read Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. That book was more than a simple refuge for a troubled mind; in her own words, it saved her soul. She grew up into a futile and melancolic 25 year old woman married to an 82 year old multi-billionare geezer. She could have anything money can buy, but she longed for the thrill of danger, mayhem, and adventure, which her husband couldn't give her. She eventually got rid of him, though his death was assumed to be natural (she assures he died happy... I wonder) and then used his fortune to become the White Rabbit, based on the character from the book.

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