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Josh's Pimped out, bling-blingin` page

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i appalgize for this crappy website and i will try and make it much better. and new "issues" of comics will be posted every so often. after you read the "new comic #1" then you can make a comic that continues the story.(please copy and paste the detective so he doesnt look differant every time) then email it to me at

Sweet awsome bling-bling COMICS

pimp my ride featuring nelly
pimp my ride featuring snoop dogg
crappy halo comic
pimp my ride featuring eminem
rufus and bartholomuae vs. chivvious man
rufus and bartholomuae vist 3rd world countrys
rufus and bartholomuae hack in to the matrix
rufus and bartholomuae become secret agents
rufus and bartholomuae in lol j/k wtf rotfl g2g ttyl
New comic #1

some of the people i know