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Rebecca Beall



Spiritual Parenting


Raising a child.  Wow.  What a huge responsibility.  For many of us, motherhood came a little later.  We are women in our 30s and 40s, raising young children.  We’re educated and professional.  We’re competent and committed.  And we’re driving ourselves crazy.  It was bad enough when our sense of perfectionism ran our own lives, but now, it’s running our children’s lives as well.  We get the sense that it is not serving our children well.  What can we do about that?


The parent/child relationship is a central relationship in everyone’s lifetime.  The repercussions of the parent/child relationship affect future relationships.  As we cling to the belief that nothing in this world is an accident, that everything is divinely planned for growth opportunities, than it follows that the relationship between parent and child is divinely inspired for growth for both the parent and the child.


Parenting is a spiritual opportunity.   Through a spiritually centered relationship with our children, we are given the opportunity to become fully who we are.  We each are the perfect parent for our children.  The practical, spiritual art of astrology can help illuminate the path.


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