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Zorro & Ester. The Best Webcomic Ever. Period.

Welcome to the Character Bios. Since Zorro and Ester will now be hosting more characters, here you can find out all about them, free of charge of course. Enjoyeth!

Pic coming soon!: This unlikely hero battles villians with eggs, hoping that they will be allergic to them. No one knows who he is, where he is from, and why he has interrupted the Zorro and Ester comics with his own.

Hero of the comic, Zorro weilds the magnificent power of slactitude, and manages to get thru college just playing videogames. This is his story.

She is Zorro's confidant and advisor in his quest of playing every videogame known to man. She's said by her peers to be very "un-girl-like" due to the fact she only really hangs out with Zorro. When asked why she does this, she couldn't find any good answer. She has recently been to the future with Zorro where she picked up a doll that looks a bit like her. After returning to the present she became possessed by something or something like that.

Jono is Zorro's roommate. Clothed in black leather and wearing a turtleneck at all times, this man doesn't speak much. Is the turtleneck due to the fact he's always cold, since Zorro leaves the ac on high all the time, or is there more to this guy? We don't really know, since he has dissapeared from the comic in the recent months.

Alice is a ditzy blonde. Heck, every good comic needs one. She's Ester's roommate, and comes by Zorro's room to try to bring Ester out into the "real world." When asked what she thought of Zorro, Alice answered, "He's weird." Alice was bit by Zorro's pet Vampire-Goomba in recent months, and is now suffering??? as a vampire.

Pic coming soon!: The great hero, ChemMan, saves Zorro and friends when they are in great trouble. Nothing much is known of him, except he really likes Chemistry. He once said "Criminy," or so they say.

While not playing a great role in the story, his is important non the less. Zorro bought this goomba as a pet way back long ago. Later Ester found out the hard way that he was a vampire goomba. Luckily his fangs couldn't break Ester's skin, and so she is safe, for the moment, from vampirism.

The first XBox made, who plans on ruling the world. He's Zorro's arch nemesis and goes to all lengths to foil Zorro. When asked why Zorro of all people, the XBox answered, ""