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Warrior's That Burn Deck

Deck Main

    Direct Damage


    * * * * *

Total Amount In Deck

    42 Cards

Cards In Deck (Magic)

    x1 ScapeGoat
    x1 Change Of Heart
    x3 Secret Pass To The Treasures
    x2 Tremendous Fire
    x1 The Warrior Returning Alive
    x1 Dark Room Of Nightmare
    x2 Messenger Of Peace
    x1 Reinforcement Of The Army
    x1 Monster Reborn

Cards In Deck (Trap)

    x1 Magic Jammer
    x3 Gravity Bind
    x3 Just Desserts
    x2 Solemn Wishes
    x1 Seven Tools Of The Bandit

Cards In Deck (Monster)

    x3 Karate Man
    x2 Poison Mummy
    x3 Princess Of Tsurugi
    x1 Sasuke Samurai
    x2 Penguin Soldier
    x2 Amazon Archer
    x1 Gian Rat
    x2 Hayabusa Knight
    x2 magician Of Faithx1 Jowls Of The Dark Demise

How The Deck Works

    The Deck is simple to use, if you go first you well out of 100% 75% of the time you well get a "GRAVITY BIND" or "MESSENGER OF PEACE"
    The deck is ment to Take control over the field, in another way of saying is not letting your opponet attack you. Kinda like a stall but not very similar
    To use this deck there are 3 things to remember, (1) Direct damage magic cards always go first, because if you save them later on it well be useless once they distroy your Stall Magic or Trap Card on the field..... (2) never ativate a direct damage trap unless the person HEAVY STORMS or has enough monster to take 1500 direct damage or more, because you wont have enough cards to support your duel if you use them all so quickly without thinking and waiting for the right time..... (3) Always put a monster face down unless it has been fliped , but make sure that monster wont make you in risk of danger,,, such as MAGICIAN OF FAITH, if they CHANGE OF HEART and typhoon ya last hope of defense they ya screwed
    Last This deck is not ment for drawing, this deck is made for fast direct damage taking and also taking advantage over the other persons deck and field
    No matter how many times they TYPHOON,HEAVYSTORM,ETC. never give up ,because the trick to this dick is about direct damage combo's and bringing everything back
    This part you would have to figure out so build the deck and test play it to see if you like it, or even spice it up a little to your own creation and style

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