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Fanfiction - Slash - Daredevil
Slash is fanfiction centering on a romantic or sexual relationship between two people of the same sex. 
Second Sight - PG13 - Kerithwyn Jade aka 'rith - DC/Marvel crossover.  While working with the Batman, Daredevil remembers an old friend.  Nonexplicit m/m slash.
Interlude - R - Raietta - Remy Lebeau, also known as Gambit of the X-men, has a steamy visit with his boyfriend, Matt Murdock.  Implicit m/m slash.
The Shark on the Beach - PG - Raietta - The second in Raietta's Gambit/Daredevil series.  Matt and Remy go for a walk on the beach.  m/m slash.
Taking Care of Business - NC17 - Shalott - Scene inserted at the end of the Kingpin-Daredevil fight in the movie 'Daredevil'.  Explicit m/m rape.
Fanfiction - Slash - Daredevil/Two-face
Harvey Dent, also known as DC comics Batman villain Two-face.
Fanfiction - Slash - Daredevil/Gambit
Remy Lebeau, also known as Gambit of the X-men.
Fanfiction - Slash - Daredevil/Kingpin
Wilson Fisk, also known as the Kingpin of Crime.
A Million Monkeys
Fanfiction - Slash - Daredevil/Spider-man
Spider-man, also known as Peter Parker.  Fellow super-hero and vigilante of Manhattan.  In comic book canon, Daredevil and Spider-man are the oldest of friends.
Fenderbender - R - Lamashtar - An improbable look at how some pairings happen.  Sillyfic.
Fanfiction - Slash
The Marvel Universe Woke Up Gay - PG13 - Dannell Lites - A tour de force sillyfic.  Daredevil cameo.