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Thing for 03/01/04

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  • 03/01/04 -Farewell.

    Okay... I was late, I'll get into that when I update on Wednesday. First something that is much more important.

    You see I had the unfortunate displeasure this last weekend of discovering that my fish had passed away on me. Now hold in your guffaws of laughter, I take this very seriously. I really cared about my fish; he was the first real pet I ever had. I am very saddened by his passing. He lived a good long life, somewhere between 3-5 years. I've been told that this is a good number of years for a beta fish to live. His name was 'Beta F. Fishy Fishygins Fish' and he was a very good fish.

  • 02/25/04 -Blog.

    Well... I don't have that much to report in today's rant. There's a DDR tourny at the arcade on sat. I've been getting ready for it for a while now, but a guy I know at school offered to give me a lift to Toronto on the weekend to goto an open house at one of the college's I'm interested in. So I'm sorta torn at the moment. DDR... or planing for my future? DDR... or planing for my future? The choice isn't as easy as it sounds believe it or not.

    I'm really addicted to this game that my friend Tailsteak(see links page) showed me called nethack. It's an old dungeon crawl adventure game from the late 80's. It's also open source, meaning that it's 100% free and they've been adding to and perfecting the programming for nearly the past 15 years or so. Go check out their site and give it a shot. It's over at I'll be putting a proper link over to them in the links page soon.

  • 02/23/04 -Shrug?

    Okay so I'm nearly late again. And I didn't add more to that last post like I said I would... and I didn't even update with a comic. Yeah well to bad. That's all I've got to say about it. Acctually I have more than that to say about it, but mabye I'll get into that later... you know, when I have time... as if that will ever happen.

    Anyway... no new comic for today... just some art that I drew up fairly quick. I think she's kinda cute. I'm thinking of putting random doodles up on the site somewhat regularily from now on. You know... to spice things up a bit. And yes I will be continuing on with the comic as well. This is all part of the idea that I want this place to be a platform for multiple projects instead of just one. In any case that will all be addressed in the about section of the page whenever I get around to finishing it.

    More on the site mechanics... I fixed some more bugs in the navigation system. When your coding a site all on your own as opposed to using a php script... it's really easy to make mistakes. I wish I could use a php, but I don't think that angelfire allows it. I've decided to do something about this rant section here. If you havn't noticed, it has gotten ridiculously long over the past couple of weeks. I'm going to make a 'past rants' and a 'past news' page to help keep the size of the pages down. Also I'm going to make a change to the navigation system. Sooner rather than later, I'm going to run out of space on this server and I'll have to start taking strips off of this site and moving them over to my mirror archives at drunkduck. This means that I will have the daunting challenge of changing the links for the first comic button, ON EVERY FREAKIN PAGE IN THE ARCHIVES! that being said, I'm going to link all of them to a new page which will redirect you over to the acctual first page. This will save me from having an overly difficult time keeping the site updated and will speed things up a bit... I hope. There's also some major additions I want to make to the site, and some area's that I still need to finish... so look for all that in the new v1.1 update... Coming soon!

    Wow... I really wrote a lot today... I think I need some sleep... *falls asleep on top of computer desk* *snoring begins*

  • 02/20/04 -Fast Fast!

    I wanted to do a big long post today, but I've got to go see a movie with my friends so just the comic for now. If I get time later mabye I'll add more to the post.

  • 02/18/04 -Very Sorry!

    Well angelfans... I was late? nearly late? same thing?... Anyway, I did it again and I'm very very sorry. I promise to TRY not to do it agian. So yeah, going back to sleep now. Sleep is good. Yes... sleep.

  • 02/16/04 -Almost late(again)

    So here we are. another almost late update. Hate it when this happens. Must try to not do this anymore. Am very tired. Going back to bed now.

  • 02/13/04 -B Movie.

    So yeah... Today is Friday the 13th. It's only 8:00 am right now, and I've already had a crappy day so far. I didn't get one wink of sleep, at all the entire night, then in the morning when it's time to go to class, my gecko's heat lamp breaks, I nearly miss the bus while I'm in the shower, and now I have to sit bleary eyed through the morning lessons, all sleep depraved and kranky. In any case, I was going to announce some updates and crap like that, but I'm in such a bad mood right now that I'll save them for later. Besides, I'm probably not making much coherent sense in this post right now anyways. So look for more stuff on Monday... when I'm happier and my luck is better.

  • 02/11/04 -WOOH!

    Site updated with just a minute to spare. That was too close for comfort. I know nothing official states that this site is updated m/w/f, but still... I didn't want to be late before I had the chance to state that this was how it was going to be from now on. So here it is... Officialy now... updated on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Okay... Now that that is done... I'm going back to sleep.

  • 02/09/04 -We Back!

    So I got the Links page updated. Mabye I'll add some more to it later, but there's definetly enough to keep you busy till then. I'm feeling much better now; it's amazing what a handfull of vitamins and way to much sleep can do for you.

    The anime fest was awesome. We got to see a whole lotta cool stuff like 'Millenium Actress' and the new Miyuzaki movie 'the Cat Returns.' Plus we also got a screening disk for a new series from Bandai called 'Galaxy Angel' I also walked outta there with a whole lotta booty from the raffle, like a couple of fig's for '.Hack//sign', a pencil board for 'D.N.Angel' and a poster for 'Millenium Actress.' Plus the fact I'm not sick anymore, got the comic updated and finished the links page, all add up to one awsome weekend.

    P.S. - If anyone has e-mailed me and I haven't responded yet, it's because my internet has been down at home, and I've been having to update at school which doesn't allow e-mail. It should be back up when I get home today, so I'll try to reply then.

  • 02/06/04 - Me Sick!

    I got the 3rd comic posted, but it looks like I've got the flu or something. Sufficent to say, don't expect the links page to get updated today. I've got to rest up so that I'll be healthy for the universities anime fest - 10 STRAIT HOURS OF ANIME BABY! {cough! Hack! Gag!} So I'll finish that page when I'm feeling better. At least I updated the comic right?

    Oh, and here's a quote from my friend tailsteak over at very cool place, go check it out)

    "Yes.. you are building a gecko society... and structuring it after ME!"{insert maniacal laughter here}

  • 02/04/04 - 2nd Day! ...sort of

    Well here's the second day... well, second post is more like it; and it seems like 10 people have acctually visited my site. I wonder how many of those were people I told to come here though? Oh welll no matter, because today is our official 10 PEOPLE BONANSA! WOOH! YEAH! YAAY ME! this is to all those people who said I couldn't do it... BOOH YAH!
    In any case I'm still looking at the settings on my scanner to try and make things scan a bit better. Don't look for things to improve until next week though.

  • 02/02/04 - First Day!- Groundhog Day!

    Welcome... to your DOOM!
    Well, not really... my doom is more like it. I've been meaning to start an online comic for a long time, and now that I have, I'm begining to think that I might have just gone in over my head. In any case, enjoy your stay while you're here. I've been reading online comics for a couple of years now, but this is the first time I've dipped my own foot into the pond so to speak. I'm embarassed by my own work right now but nonetheless, I will carry on in hopes of betterment as time passes.

  • 02/23/04

    New Thing for today. Fixed some more errors in the navigation system. Thanks Jeff for pointing them out to me. (jerk)

  • 02/20/04

    New comic. That's it for now.

  • 02/18/04

    Comic updated. Late / Almost late / same thing? Bad Day.

  • 02/16/04

    New comic. At 11.58 pm. More sleep is needed.

  • 02/13/04

    New comic today. Really bad luck today. Who invented this stupid superstition anyway?

  • 02/11/04

    Comic updated with only a minute to spare. Fiddled with the navigation buttons a bit.

  • 02/10/04

    Fixed the other problem with the archives. Now the second comic goes to the third comic instead of the main page.

  • 02/09/04

    Comic posted. Links page is now up and running. Am now able to respond to your e-mails.

  • 02/06/04

    3rd comic posted. Still working on the links page.

  • 02/05/04

    Fixed the problem with the navigation buttons. The next, and last buttons don't disappear anymore when you go back through the history.

  • 02/04/04

    2nd comic posted. I'll have to get started on finishing my links and about page. Look for that on friday... maybe

  • 02/02/04

    Site goes online! Crossing fingers and hoping there's no glitches. First Comic Posted!

    Yesterday was my Birthday!
    Yay me!

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