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My Underground Lair

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Our Gallery

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Spiderman 2099

Scarlet Spiderman

Cosmic Spiderman

Ben Reilly Spiderman

Iron Spiderman

Spiderman Unlimited

Scarlet Spiderman

Peter Porker: Spider-Ham

Peter Parker as Baghead

Spiderman 2099

Cosmic Spidey

F4: She-Hulk

Mary Jane

Gwen Stacy

Phoenix Endsong


Scarlet Spiderman mini statues

Daredevil Armor costume

Coming Soon!

Spiderman Unlimited

Female Orc Warrior

Blue Arc Trooper


Jason Todd/Hush



Red Guardian

The Truth

WW2 Captain America



Cyber-Ninja buildup & paint

Elric the Stormbringer

Alex the Vampire paintup

Scarlet Spiderman
Buildup,paint & customization

Iria Buildup & paint

Vampirella Buildup & paint

Guyver-Zoanoid Buildup & paint

Thanos Buildup & paint

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