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"All that you can't leave behind"

An on-going serial about the life of Joshua Gamon as told from the experiences of Joshua Gamon.

January 3-6,8, 10-14, 16, 19 2002

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First Entry


January 23, 2002

7:40 pm

            It has been several days since my last entry. In fact, Iíve noticed a recent decline in entries since Iíve been here. Itís not that I have a lot of things to do, but I feel I donít have a lot to write about. Once school begins on Monday, things should pick up. Yesterday, I picked up my textbooks. Man, thereís a lot of Ďem. My Folklore and Lit class requires four separate novelsÖ that Iím sure Iíll have to read every page of, my Philosophy of China and Japan required three separate textbooks. Iím glad my Chaucer class only required one text, but the book is god awful thick. I know for a fact Iím gonna keep that one at the end of the semester. Why not, school bookstores have the best stuff. I feel like Iím a kid in a candy store-shopping spree.

            I also landed that job at my university newspaper. My first writing gig, funny enough, ties into my roommateís job at the university. Itís weird, my days at the Palm Beach Community College paper, the Beachcomber, was as infantile as building castles in a sandbox compared to the level of professionalism at this paper. For one thing, I report newsónot entertainment. My first writing job actually requires me to interview and investigate several elements to my story. At my old paper, I just wrote from what I know. This time around, Iím in a whole new environmentóI know nothing. Working at the Towerlight might be a very good opportunity for me to understand how this campus works, meet new people, and hone my skills as a writer. Iím not sure what it pays, if it pays at all, but I might still have to look for a job on the side.

            I bought three new dvds as of late: Moulin Rouge, Terminator 2, and Kiss of the Dragon. Iím so hyped to watch Kiss of the Dragon again. I even bought a special popcorn bowl for the occasion. Yeah, thatís right, I have no life. So what? Despite a major writerís block, that about sums up my life within the last couple of days. Iím very excited about school. I really hope it doesnít let me down this time around.