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Believe in angels...

James O'barr is the writer and illustrator of THE CROW. He was born in January, 1960. He was orphaned as a child and was tossed around through many different families. He started drawing at a very young age. He had no official lessons from any instructors, rather, he studied sculptures. Micheal Angelo's to be exact. He looked at Angelo's sculptures and formed his own style of drawing. Those drwaings can today be seen in THE CROW. THE CROW has also made it's way to three theatrical films: THE CROW (The best by far), THE CROW: City Of Angels, and THE CROW: Salvation. Another will be coming out soon staring Edward Furlong(The kid in Terminator 2) called THE CROW: Wicked Prayer, it looks like it should be good.

Other cool crow stuff...

The Movie
The Graphic Novel