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Copran - Lord of the Forest

As one of the four major dieties, Copran holds a great deal of power. His watch governs over all that lives in nature, from a lowly insect to soaring eagle to the great bear. These creatures were Copran's gift to the world, a nourishment unto the hungry. However, since the Time of Imprisonment began, Copran has greatly changed his views of humanity. He used to be a caring god, but now stories of severe animal attacks are not uneard of. These attacks are not limited to humans though. Several stories have emerged of great armies of beasts fighting groups of the Lost. At the center of the bestial forces, a great grizzly bear is always seen. Upon its chest is the mark of a maple leaf. More that just a few individuals feel that this is Copran himself, leading the battle against the forces that imprison part of his Essence.

The only ones that seem immune to Copran's rage are the Troll nations. Perhaps Copran feels more akin to this race for they share traits with the beasts. Or perhaps it is that they too were once imprisoned. One thing is for certain though, the Trollkin are Copran's chosen people.