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Superman's Origin

The Origin of Superman: The Man of Steel.

The planet Krypton, inhabited by an emotionless race of advanced humanoids, was doomed to explode. A humane scientist named Jor-El sent his unborn son Kal-El in a rocket ship to Earth with the knowledge that Kal-El would gain fabulous powers there. Martha and Jonathan Kent found the rocket on Earth and recovered the child. They took the baby as their own and named him Clark (after Martha's maiden name). Over the years, Clark's powers developed slowly. Clark was 18 years old before his adoptive parents told him of his extraterrestrial origin. For the next seven years, Clark worked in secret to prevent disasters and fight crime.

Superman's first public appearance in Metropolis was to save an experimental space plane. The "flying man" soon reappeared in Metropolis in a bright red and blue costume. He caused a sensation, and the press took to calling him "Superman". The first full length story on Superman appeared in the Daily Planet, and was written by Clark Kent. Superman began his career in Metropolis, and quickly reassured puzzled police. During his early adventures, Superman discovered his vulnerability to magic and Kryptonite. After causing the arrest of Lex Luthor, (MOS miniseries #4), Superman found Luthor to be a constant threat. Soon after Superman's debut, criminal groups like Intergang and superpowered villains like Metallo soon began to appear. The Special Crimes Unit was created to deal with these extraordinary threats, and Superman works closely with them. He is a duly deputized special operative of the Metropolis police force.

The public soon learned that Superman was an alien (SUP #1), but Metropolis learned to trust him, especially as he made it clear that he was raised on Earth, and considered himself an American. Superman's DNA is incompatible with humans; he will be unable to father children on an Earth woman. Luthor, himself the proud father of a baby girl, is not above cruelly reminding Superman of that fact. Superman, could, in fact, mate with Maxima, but he has rejected her, and is, in fact, resigned to being the "Last Son of Krypton."

In spite of his obvious power, Superman is trusted by the people of Earth. Part of that is due to his overwhelming desire to help, part due to the fact that he has sworn never to kill. He has, in fact, killed however. With the help of Supergirl, Superman went to a "pocket universe" which had an Earth that had been destroyed by three super-powered villains. Superman executed all three of them (SUP #221-22; AOS #444). The stress and the guilt from this action caused him to develop a split personality, and for a time he acted as Gangbuster. Fearing that his emotional instability made him a danger to the people of Earth, Superman exiled himself into outer space, swearing never to take another life.

Superman's powers have undergone a number of changes during the years. Brainiac and others have managed to switch bodies with Superman. A satellite device controlled by Lex Luthor managed to make them go out of control, but Superman discovered that, and destroyed the satellite (SUP #10). Mr Mxyzptlk created Red Kryptonite, which made his powers go away completely. His powers have even increased until he couldn't control them, and were only returned to normal by a judicious use of the Parasite (AOS #511; 512). During the Final Night, Superman lost his powers completely. At one point Superman became an energy based being (SUP #123). As an energy being, he lost his ability to fly or physically touch objects. He used a new costume - a blue and white containment suit - to control his new powers. In an interesting development, when he was Clark Kent he was totally human. As an energy being he was later split in two, and for a while there were two Supermen - Superman Red and Superman Blue. Following his selfless sacrifice for the world during the Millennium Giants crisis, he become his old self again (Superman Forever).

Thanks to the plans of Dominus, Superman thought he needed to control the earth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that people didn't destroy themselves, setting himself up as King of the World. However Superman soon discovered that Dominus was behind his misconceptions and soon defeated him. However Superman's reputation was tarnished and he had to work hard to re-earn people's trust.

Since then, Superman has regained his status of Earth's geatest super-hero, having helped defeat the many menaces that have come along... including the machinations of Brainiac 13 and Imperiex through the "Our Worlds At War" saga.

Superman's feats helped inspire a new generation of superheroes to appear following the discrediting of the previous generation's Justice Society. Some of the new generation banded together as the Justice League who Superman has often assisted, and ultimately joined. When Superman "died" fighting Doomsday, he was given a state funeral. A large memorial was placed at the site of his grave. Today, the statue remains as a symbol of his unquenchable spirit, and selfless heroics.

Known to only a few, Superman lives a double life as Clark Kent.

Group Affiliation: Justice League America Base of Operations: Metropolis Height: 6'3" Weight: 225 lbs. Eyes: Blue, Hair: Black

The above information was provided by Steve Younis and The Superman Homepage.(Link Below)


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