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StickUp, an organization founded upon the basic right to do anything you want with art, has been "drawn out" for your entertainment and enjoyment.

It's amazing what you can do with a little pen/pencil and paper if, of course, you have with you a little creativity. No skill is required, as you can plainly see if you check out the Artwork Page later on.

After a few years of this, one could begin creating ".gif" animations, and then later it could be flash animation. Whatever is after that, is all beyond us though. If you have any experience with this kind of work, please don't hesitate to give the information to us, or to work on it with us. If you have some interest in this, please contact us by e-mail.

The Introduction to StickUp

Founded by John Allen, StickUp was started as a hobby of drawing stick figures who seemed to be doing crazy things, such as: shooting, hiding, jumping, fighting, laughing, dying, etc., all in one still picture. Soon though, an evolution of stick figure mania began to run wild in the mind of Mr. Allen, and his creations went from single frame drawings to a mass of stick comics with a story line. Learn about the most recent founders and artists for StickUp by clicking here.

StickUp is not a racially discriminant group.

The Story Line

The father and protagonist of the story is a salesperson, Enk Lines, who was making an honest living for the son who had just recently lost his mother to a disease. After she was pronounced dead by the doctors, Enk needed financial help. Click here for the rest of this story in art. I will tell you the rest of it in words anyways.

With the lack of time and energy, Enk turned to his old pal, Dark Stick, to lend him some. Dark led an underground mob called "The Black Sticks," which made Mr. Lines a little uneasy about the borrowed doe, since it was probably dirty. With very little thought and a lot of grace, Dark Stick gladly lended it to him under one condition: If Enk did not pay him back in full by the time three months was up, Dark would kill the remaining members of Lines' family. After two months with still no payment from Enk, Stick sent a member of "The Black Sticks" to Enk's house and murdered his son. This, of course, was not a part of the agreement.

Luckily, Enk had come home just a few moments late that day or else he might have been killed too. When he heard the shots coming from inside his house, he jumped out of his car and found his little baby on the floor...dead. The babysitter was being tied in the closet by the Black Stick member who, surprised and scared, ran for the door. Enk pulled the gun out of the member's holster, and shot the murderer so fast he didn't know what hit him.

Later that night, Enk got the inside information on a meeting of the Black Sticks being held at "The Party Club Place." So he planned a revengeful attack on the leader of the region, Short Straw, and his body guard. When Lines arrived at the club, the party attendees had not yet started showing up, just as he had planned. So he quickly shot the two guards outside the front entrance. After that, he strolled into the almost empty club where there were three startled Black Stick members, one of them being Short Straw and the other was his armed bodyguard. (Note: We find out later that the third black stick is Tiny Lines, who is disguised as a Black Stick, but he's actually Enk's cousin.) So Tiny(disguised) shoots Short Straw and his guard, taking the vengance set out by his cousin, Enk Lines. Trying to make a quick getaway, Enk and Tiny quickly shake hands outside of the club, while waving down taxis close by.

Enk couldn't sleep that night. So at about midnight, he packed some artillery bags and other necesseties to set out on a continuous and unending search for the members of the mafia who took away the only thing he was living for.

Defining Objects
  • Enk Lines is always defined by his hair. No other character has hair.
  • Dark Stick is always defined by the cigar on his face.
  • Weapons:
    • Guns
      • Machine
      • Hand
      • Missile launcher
    • Gernades
    • Bombs
      • Nuclear
      • Atomic
      • Radioactive
      • Smart
      • Dynamite
    • Wooden sticks
    • Swords
    • Bow and arrow
    • Tanks
    • Aircrafts
      • Airplanes
      • Jets
      • Rockets
  • Good guys always have uncolored heads.
  • Bad guys always have colored heads.
    • This is not meant to be a racist organization.
  • An exclamation point above the stick figure's head will indicate alarm.
    • Question mark is for confusion.
  • REMEMBER that there are no speech bubbles, only thought bubbles.
  • In time, StickUp will censor the gore presently displayed.
  • It is unacceptable if some actions done by the sticks should be used in real life.
    • Shown only for excitement and action purposes.
    • They are JUST stick figures.

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