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Sonic the Comic # 79

Sonic the Hedgehog
Return to the Miracle planet

Complete story
Script: Nigel Kithing
Art: Rob corona
Colouring: steve Whige
Lettering: Elle De'ville

The miracle planet was taken over by the brotherhood of Matallix Sonic, Amy, Johnny and Kintobor have came back to get read of the meatle. wile Sonic looks around Amy Kintobor and Johnny have found the devise that did this to the planet Sonic comes and jones them.
Johnny starts climbing the Alpha Device what a cable that is linked to Kintobor Sonic remembers seeing itr as the size of a staff and thinks that Amy plan will work, rintobor back Amy up by saying "Certainly! all I have to do is insert a new subroutine into the Alha Device's main processor and..." he get interrupted by Sonic by committing on running the Alpha Device backwards to undo all the stuff that happen to the planit, "I'm not stupid y'know" Amy calles up to Johnny who is haveing trubles finding the connetion for the feedback cable wiles Sonic remarks that "all this tecno-babble brives me nuts!"

Sonic see a shadow out of the of he eye and decides to chase it out Any tells him that all the matallixs were destroyed but sonic can't stay still and go anyway. as he looks around follow the path that the shadow took sonic hears a Skritch and go to check that out knowing it the thing that he looking for.
He finds a Matallix putting its head on and start fighting with it but the matallix kicks Sonic and runs off Sonic gives case and thay run in to Amy's and Johnny's sign Sonic kicks the Matallix down and grabs a piece of mettle before he could destroy this "outcast" Sonic gets frayed by the laser. Amy watched in horrer. the Matallix walks over to Sonic and Asks him if he ok them tell he No mattalix Amy see what looks like the matallix going for the kill. And fires an Armour Piercing Arrow at the Matallix. The matallix head off the person is archly a citizen from Mobius in a disguise, that what he was trying to tell sonic all this time, Sonic sees Amy Arrow heading for the parson and grabs it before it hits him.

Then the man gets time to tell sonic that he was catured, he had escaped and disguised himself as a Matallix.

Amy and Sonic come running up Amy looks for her arrow Sonic points over his shored and said "Arrow? hmmm. something flew past over there somerwhere. "wiles he hides it behind his back. Amy not believing that she off target Sonic says that she needs more practice and they lever the Arrow and Matallix armour on the planet.

Next Issue Super Sonic's Back!


Complety New Story
Script: Lew Stringer
Art: Rob Corona
Colouring: Gina Hart
Lettering: Tom Flame

Tails is Flying over the Aquatic ruin zone to investigate rumours of a new Badnick seen around the old ruins, by Sonic. looking over to one area he spots it coming for him. he try to take it down while thing "pity Sonic and Johnny ant here to help* But I should be able to tackle this on my own on problem"
(* The rest of the gang are in the Metropolis zone see Sonic World this issue **nest story** Megadroid)

the new badnik fires something sticky around tail's tails and he falls to the ground recovering quick before the badnik attacks him. the badnik says " I am A Sider-Moth! Created by Commander Brutus, the soon to be new ruler of Mobius" hearing that Tails Hopes that Sonic and the gang aren't in Danger*
(again see Sonic would this issue - Megadroid)

Tails try to fly again out of the range of the fireballs but with the gunk on his tails he cant so he comes up with a plan to get in the air, using some vine Tails bends a tree down the vine snaps sending Tails flying start in to the badnik popping it and heading start in to the water

Tails see another Badnik with sharp teeth that comes after Tails whom been slowed down by the webbing on he tails the teeth of the badnik cut though the webbing realising Tail's tails Quicky Tails swims up and fly off to go and Help Sonic.

Next issue Fleabyte Returns

Sonic Would

New Story
Part 1
Script: Lew Stringer
Art: Nigel Kitching
Colouring: John M Burns
Lettering: Tom Frame

Every Now and then Robotnik unleashes a badnik attack on the citizens of Metropolis Zone. every one know that when this happens it time to run someone cry out For Sonic, who has arrived on scene with Amy and Johnny Amy almost gets hit and that the way sonic like his days not dull.

Sonic attacks a buzz bomer with he Super spin attack. As amy and Johnny take down some other Amy do not see one behind her that blows up, the 3 hero look up and spot new badnik Amy think that they are on there side Sonic is don't think So.

Johnny agrees with Sonic And Say that he remember seeing this type of Badnik before by Commander Brutus the badniks took down all of Robotnik's troops and go after them Sonic takes then one destroying one before a ship come down and out steps Brutus who has planed to Revolution the day tht he take conquer Mobius and nother is going to stand in his way. Sonic Word to Brutus are "I bet old Egg_breath isn't too Happy about this."
Over at Robotniks bace Robotnik calls Brutus a traitorous robot and tells grimmer to get the troopers ready "This Means War"

Back where Sonic is Sonic ant's going to stand around and try to attack Brutus but he bounces off his armour and Burtus fires at him knocking Sonic Out. Brutus takes Amy and Johnny as prisoners sins none will get in is way with Sonic out for the Count.

Next issue: Brutus Reles?