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1986 Pontiac Trans Am

1986 Pontiac Trans Am WS6 1986 Pontiac Trans Am WS6

Well I hope that you like my 1986 Trans am page. I bought this car in 1997 from a women that a friend of mine knew. I am the third owner of this car. I don't know how the first owner took car of her, but the second treated her like shit(she could not even remember when the oil was changed last). I had nothing but troubles with this car. She had junk yard parts placed on her. A shit paint job, and her boyfriend, and some so called car tech ripped this car a part. I found she had a wire problem that she had to replace the whole wire harness and the computer,and she needed tires and a alienment,but I was told that was all wrong with her. I went to test drive this car, but I didn't not I let the ower drive it. That was a mistake on my part. You know hot body and sexy voice. I was sold. I drove the car home and she was drivein like she had a big block under the hood. That is when I found the transmission was slipping. I got her tagged and on the road. Then she started to stall. The first thing I did was take it to Chevy cause they was closer to me then Pontiac. I was told the computer was junk cause it was a Napa, and I had to replace it. I told these people it was a new computer, but it had to be replaced. I did that, then was told the fuel pump relay was bad. Then I was told it was the Mass Air flow Sensor. Almost 500 later and the car was still running like shit. So I said the hell with this I was going to start to try it myself. I worked on my Camaro, but she was nothing like the Trans am. The Camaro was only a 2.8. So I started with the stalling. I read the codes with a paper clip. It was tellin me the egr vavle, and the fuel pump circit. I got a egr vavle and still to this day its not on there. I was talking to someone, and he asked me if I have checked the oil sending unit. If the car loses oil pressure it will kill the fuel pump. So I called Pontiac and I got both the switch and the sender unit. Replace them and said bye to the stalling, but the engine light was still coming on. Then I got a job at a automotive place and started to learn more. She was hard to start sometime in the morning. She still was not getting the 2 sec burst of fuel sometimes. I was trying everything. I was going to replace the egr myself till I was talking to a master tech. The code was saying it was something to do with the fuel pump circit. I knew the relay was new. So I was telling him what was wrong and he told me to replace the relay. So I when and did it and the light went out and runs much better. there is even no more codes for the egr. I still have to fix the fan. The womens boyfriend hot wired it and it runs all the time. the fuseable link blew. You would think you would troubleshoot it, not rig it. You would rig something like a escort or something, but not a car like this. Then after 3 years with the trans slipping I had to have her rebuilt. I had to replace the weather strippin. I had to replace the fan, and the radeatior(can't spell)place 4 new tires on her, a center console, a computer, 2 fuel pump relays, a altinator. the rear window tinted. I have replaced the rear calipers and pads and rotors last weekend. It was a butter job. That is the bad things with that pistons in the rear they freeze. If you replace your yourself there is a hole in the middle of the piston coverd by a yellow seal. Just pop it off and place caliper grease in the hole it will help it from freezein.She have taking alot of money so far, but it is worth it.

Future Plans For Her.

I have a few plans for her in the works. Soon I am going to place a hypertech chip, and a throttle response, MSD Blaster Coil, SLP Intake Runners, and 350 heads. I am trying to see how much power I can get out of her with out really messing with the motor itself. One day I would like to place a 350/350 turbo in her. I also plan to get her a new carpet,the abs head liner, and a ws-6 hood. I am placing before pictures on my page now, but it will be a while before I get after picture on here. Soon after I am going to get her painted purple and black, but it all takes time and money.

As She Sit Right Now.

As she sit right now. She haves a stock 305 with T.P.I, I would say she is pushing about 260 horses. She still haves get up and go. 16 in rims setting on 245 50 zr16 tires. T-Tops, powerwindows,cruise control, powerlocks,pulldown for the hatch,rear defrost, 4 wheel disc brakes,performace suspension,Spoiler(She had the aerospoiler, but it got ripped off, so now she haves a stock firebird spoiler).The 140mph speedo.Positraction. I also had the FlowMaster 40 Series with the 3in pipe placed on her. I was hoping that the old muffler would last, but it feel off. I think that she might be a ws-6, but there is no way to tell cause all of her codes are gone, plus I not sure even if there was a ws-6 model in 86.

Sound System..

I have replaced the factory system with my own work. I placed a Blaupunkt Houston AM/FM/CD detachable face player. I got a 500 watt Legacy series four amp, pushing 1 10in JL Audio in a custom made box. I got 2 sony explodes 6x9 in the rear for mids, and the stock 4x6 in the dash for treble.


Contact info..


AIM SpawnsFate


Most of the pictures I use on this page or anyother page I have gotten permission to use them. Some of the picture I saw and looked cool to me. If you are the owner of the picture and would like to have it removed please let me know. I hope that you will not be a dick about it. As for my name SpawnsFate® is mine so please don't try to copy it. If you like to use it to refer to me that is fine by me. Somebody out there used a old name of mine off my old web page and got me in a shit world of trouble. If you can't think of your own name that is not my problem. Thanks and I hope you enjoy this page and the other I will so have on the web. So please tell your friend about me.


Well I finally got the money to get my baby painted. Its not going to be the black and purple, but hey 1800.00 I can't pass it up. I got a real nice set of Center Lines for her, and a set of 245 50 16 Summit tires. I know the tires are not Goodyear or Dunlop or anything like that, but they are nice tires. I just about got the inside of the car together. I just need a carpet, and a shift plate. I hope that I can find the areo spoiler, since mine was ripped off. I got a plain Jane firebird one on her now. I just need to make up my mind on what hood I would like. I got a chance to get the Ram Air 2 hood or a 2 1/2 in cowl hood. I might go for the cowl cause money is gettin real tight. I am going this weekend to pick up front end peices(gfx's) I picked up from a man off of Ebay for a really good price. Here is the link to go to his auctions check him out you might find something you need just click his name steve86ta.



Well I found a really cool site, and I got my question awnsered. She is a WS6. She have all the things that a WS6 would come with. Interesting fact. The WS6 was brought out in the late 70's just incase you all did not know...


Well I got the car painted finally. I had to take it back for the fender cause my dog tried to use it as a spring to get to a cat.. She looks real good with the Center Lines, and the hood. The cowl hood makes her stick out. I stayed with the Firebird spoiler. I got her painted black sappire. I started the carpit this weekend. I place the seats in her for a test. The seats look real good. The only thing that looks like a bitch is the headliner cause I got to drill the holes for the sun visors.. I also got the carpit, and the shift plate.

Well I got some pictures up of her now. She is just about done(this is a joke, she will never be done). I just got to add sometings and done atlast...All you got to do is click here to see them

86 Trans Am 2

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