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about this layout

This layout features a pretty pic of Chii from Chobbits. Isn't she cute? I actually happen to be very happy about chobits at this point. After I got home from camp my dad presented me with not one, not two, but three new chobits manga! Yes! So now I have 1 through 4. Anyways, this layout will work in any res 800x600 or higher, and uses div layers.

Using and editing

Using this layout shouldn't be that hard. Just look for the comment markers I've set up and edit what's between them. You can use <p class="head">header text here</p> to create headers. Oh, and btw, when you use <b>bold</b> tags, the text will be a slightly different color than everything else, more of a reddish color.


I would like to thank Project Zen for the pic, and Clamp for creating such amazing art and stories. Linking my site is a neccessity if you use this layout. I put my link in the right column. Please do not remove it.


You can put stuff about yourself here if this is a blog. Name, age, likes, dislikes, ect. I would probably put something random about myself here, and then my name, age and stuff in a different place...


Name: Chii
Classification: (Chobit?) Persocom
Hair Color: Ivory
Eye Color: Amber
Friends: Hideki, Sumomo, Shimbo, Minoru, Black Chii, Hiroyasu...


W-E Designs for the layout.