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The Samias Dragonlord Comic!

Well after having attachments on VG Music, I've gotten some webspace for the Samias Dragonlord comic. So far, I've got a couple comics up, and to recap, the Final Battle is beginning! Oh yeah I'll try to get a pic for my comic of the characters or something for here. ;) If you'd like to send in your art for like a main page image be my guest! Just as a subject title, put "Main page Image: SDC" or else I might accidentally delete your e-mail. And for fan mail (which I'm not expecting a lot of), well just don't make a stupid subject line, cause otherwise it'll get deleted. I'm lacking on updates, but I'll try to get some up. Series 2 is up! Be sure to tune in regularly once I get back on track, and go Samias (and Levar). And I have oekakis of some of the characters at this little site if you're interested. But like now that I've gotten all the really important stuff done, watch Inu-Yasha on Friday nights at 10:00pm on YTV! *laughs* No seriously. Watch it. I'll try and get some real storyline going, but I can't garuntee any promises. Just visit the subsite page and all that junk. Meh... you'll find me at Project RP a lot more now....

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