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12/30/02—Start of SaiariComic.  Forums open for Role Play and Chat.

1/6/03—Second Page.  Enjoy!

1/13/03—Third Page.  Sorry about the shortness—I’m really not happy with this one.  I’ll make up for it soon.

1/20/03—No page for this week.  Hectic RL.  I really promise to make it up, but maybe this won’t be a weekly comic after all.  Some weeks just seem better than others.

1/27/03—Well, good news!  The site is updated, using frames and overall looking much better.  Also, there will be a page for this week, but it will come either later in the day or tomorrow night.  Ja ne!

1/28/03—Well, yesterday’s page is up and running.  From now on, I put them up when I finish them.  At least that’ll insure quality.  Thanks.


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