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My Stephen Lynch Page

Lynch will be preforming on 11/20/2003 *my b-day* in New Orleans, at the LA House Of Blues.

Welcome to my tiny corner of the www. For now, all I have on here is a link to some pictures (i'll put up a link to the sources, if they're yours, TELL ME!), but as soon as I figure out how, I'll put up much more.
*New*- Sorry I took away the lyrics, but i seem to remember reading that Mr. Lynch doesn't particularly enjoy having his lyrics posted online. If you want the lyrics GET THE CDS!! *Or, i've heard you can go on Kazaa and get the songs.*
This is a Help Me! message. I don't know how to make music play on my site, and i really want to learn how! Anyone know??*

Email me with anything, suggestions, comments, lyrics, or complaints. If you see a pic here that belongs to you, PLEASE tell me. I want to apologize or link your site.

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I love this link pic! in case ur wondering, the top eyes are Paul McDermott, the middle are Greg Proops, and the bottom eyes are Brad sherwood. (I like Paul's the best myself...)