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Welcome to the Project:Rickey Wear comics site!

It's still under construction and... the comics are still being made/scanned/edited!

First off, I bet you'd want to know - What IS Rickey Wear?
Rickey Wear, at first was a small series of comics that two uh.. kids made... to make fun of this.. other kid... who happened to be named Rickey. Unfortunately, the one who drew the comics added the E to "Ricky" not knowing how the name was spelled...
*stops beating around bush*
And so..
The Title was spelled exactly like his name. We added "Wear" because it had that kinda ring to it.

I, Tenki, joined the Rickey Wear group when they started making Rickey Wear guest starring in anime series (eg, Rickey as Majin Buu vs Goku) - and the real Rickey insulted Trigun, so I decided to join in...

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