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                            Summary of Perry Rhodan 
                            1-49 German numbering (1-41 English series)
#1: Unternehmen Stardust / Enterprise Stardust
Theme: Origin, Earth Unification
Timeline: 1971
Location: Earth, Moon
Races: Arkonides, Humanoid
Star Systems: Solar System
      * Stardust I - Human, rocket, crew 4
      * Research Cruiser - Arkonide, 1500 foot sphere, crew 300
      * Major Perry Rhodan - Human ; Commander of Stardust I, telepathic receiver
      * Captain Reginald Bell - Human, Crew member of Stardust I
      * Captain Clark Fletcher - Human, Crew member of Stardust I
      * Dr. Eric Manoli - Human, Crew member of Stardust I
      * Lt. General Leslie Pounder - Human, U.S. Space Exploration Command
      * Allan D. Mercant - Human, Chief of International Defence NATO
      * Thora - Arkonide, Actron Expedition Commander
      * Khrest (Crest) - Arkonide, Science Officer Actron Expedition, minor telepath
A four man flight to the moon crash lands due to robotic interference of stranded Arkonide research cruiser,
headed by Thora and Khrest of the ruling Zoltral family. The Arkonide Expedition is on a mission to find
the Planet of Eternal life. Khrest is ill and they form a shaky alliance to assist each other. Rhodan returns
with Khrest in the Stardust. He lands in the Gobi Desert to establish himself as a neutral power in an attempt
to prevent a global nuclear war.
#2 Die dritte Macht / The Third Power
Theme: Earth Unification
Timeline: 1971
Location: Earth
      * Dr. Frank Haggard, Human
      * Lieutenant Albrecht Klein, Human
      * Lieutenant Tshai-tung Li, Human
      * Lieutenant Peter Kosnow, Human
      * Lieutenant General Tai-Tiang, Human
      * Iwan Martinowitsch Kosselow, Human
      * Mao-tsen, Human
      * Colonel Cretcher, Human
      * Marshal Petronskij, Human
A global alliance is formed under Mercant to defeat Rhodan. The first attempt fails when Klein defects to
Rhodan. Dr. Haggard joins to cure Khrest. Clark Fletcher is killed under interrogation. Global nuclear war is
averted by Thora's power.
#3: Die strahlende Kuppel / The Radiant Dome
Theme: Earth Unification
Timeline: 1971
Location: Earth, Moon
Ships: Stardust II - Human, rocket, crew 4
      * First Lieutenant Michael Freyt - Human, Commander of Stardust II
      * Captain Rod Nyssen - Human, Crew member of Stardust II
Khrest is cured of leukaemia. Three sympathetic agents purposefully fail in attempt at biological penetration
of  the  dome.  Mercant  plans  to  destroy  the  cruiser  stranded  on  the  moon  using  the  Stardust  II  and  is
successful,  although  Thora  escapes  in  the  auxiliary  vessel.  The  Arkonides  are  stranded  on  earth.  (Klein
referred to as Captain)
#4: Götterdämmerung / Twilight of the Gods
Theme: Earth Unification
Timeline: 1971
Location: Earth
      * Good Hope Class "Guppy" (Arkonide Auxiliary Vessel), 180 foot sphere, crew 15
      * John Marshall Human Telepath
      * Anne Sloane Human Telekinetic
      * Ras Tschubai Human Teleporter
      * Tako Kakuta Human Teleporter
      * Ernst Ellert Human Teletemportantionist (Ability to send mind through time)
The dome is enlarged by the auxiliary craft, now named the Good Hope. The first mutants are introduced.
The world powers attempt to explode a hydrogen bomb underneath dome via a tunnel. Tako Kakuta foils the
attempt by warning Rhodan. Mercant visits Anne Sloane. John Marshall, Tako Kakuta join Perry along with
Li and Kosnow. Perry and Reg use the indoctrinator to absorb all Arkonide knowledge.
#5: Atom-Alarm / Galactic Alarm
Theme: Earth Unification
Timeline: 1971
Location: Earth, Moon
      * Fantan (Non-Humanoid)
      * Captain Zimmerman - Human
      * Sergeant O'Healy - Human
Tako attempts secret negotiations for materials. Perry and Reg finish hypno-training. While on the moon
salvaging materials from demolished cruiser they discover that an automatic distress call has been sent to
Myra IV the nearest Arkonide robot base.
Rhodan penetrates Mercant's base and advises him of imminent attack. The three world powers agree to
cooperate with Rhodan. All are surprised as rebellious Fantan ship arrives. A surprise attack on the moon
Rhodan mentions his romantic feelings for Thora.
#6: Das Mutanten-Korps / The Mutant Corps 
Theme: Earth Unification, Mutant Corps, Mind Snatchers
Timeline: 1971
Location Earth, Moon
Races: Mind Snatchers (MS) Non-Humanoid
      * John Marshall Promoted Leader of the Mutant Corps
      * Homer G. Adams Human Eidetic Memory
      * Nomo Yatuhin Human Telepath
      * Ishi Matsu Human Telepath, Televisionary (objects)
      * Wuriu Sengu Human Televisionary
      * Son Okura Human Sensor (ultra-violet, infra-red)
      * Tanaka Seiko Human Sensor (radio waves)
      * Fellmer Lloyd Human Locator, Detector (brain patterns)
      * André Noir Human Hypno, Illusionist
      * Ralf Marten Human Possessor
      * Kitai Ishibashi Human Suggestor
      * Tama Yokida Human Telekinetic, Matter Transformer
      * Doitsu Ataka Human Listener (sound, ultra-sound)
The Third Power is fully recognized and must purchase the land from the Asiatic Federation at enormous
prices, founding Galacto City. They facilitate Homer Adams' release from prison. Adams forms the General
Cosmic Corporation, and causes a minor stock market depression. The Third Power makes a killing. Eleven
Kakuta,  Ras  Tschubai,  Ernst  Ellert  and  Anne  Sloane  agree  to  join  as  well.  The  Secret  Mutant  Corps  is
founded with John Marshall as the leader. Instead of further Fantan ships, a Mind Snatcher ship is found a
bomb inside it.
#7: Invasion aus dem All / Invasion from Space 
Theme: Earth Unification, Mutant Corps, Mind Snatchers, Venus Base
Timeline: 1971
Location: Earth, Venus
      * Betty Toufry - Human, Telepath, Telekinetic
Rhodan scouts Venus as a possible base of action off Earth. Betty Toufry kills her father in self-defence
already a member of the Mutant Corps. The Mind Snatcher invasion begins again from their base in the
Himalayas.  The  Mutant  Corps  use  combined  talents  to  trace  their  mindstreams  back  to  base  when  they
evacuate a human body. The plan is successful but Ellert's body is apparently killed and his temporal is in a
state of limbo.
#8: Die Venusbasis / Base on Venus 
Theme: Earth Unification, Mutant Corps, Venus Base
Timeline: 1971
Location: Moon, Venus
      * Lieutenant Col. Freyt (Promotion to Lieutenant Colonel)
      * Conrad Deringhouse - Human
      * The Commander Computer - Positronic Brain controlling the Venus Base
Freyt, Deringhouse, and Nyssen under orders from the World Government make one last attempt to salvage
items  from  the  destroyed  moon  cruiser.  This  fails  and  they  eventually  are  convinced  to  join  Perry.  On
landing on Venus they are attacked, but survive to enter the Arkonide outpost manned by the Commander (a
large positronic brain) and his associated robots. This outpost has been defunct for 8,000 years. The original
Arkonide colony was destroyed at Atlantis. The Commander nominates Perry as the successor to the control
of its power, since his mind is indistinguishable from an Arkonide.
#9: Hilfe für die Erde / Atlan #1, The Wasp Men Attack 
Theme: Earth Unification, Mutant Corps, Mind Snatchers, Venus Base
Timeline: 1971
Location: Earth, Venus
      * No new characters
The Mind Snatchers attack New York. The invasion is thwarted by John Marshall and Reg pinpointing a
Chicago  kingpin  as  one.  The  positronic  brain  scans  the  captured  Mind  Snatchers  and  assists  in  the
development of a Mind Snatcher detector. The mutants are sent to Venus for their final training.
#10: Raumschlacht im Wega-Sektor / Space Battle in Vega Sector 
Theme: Ferron-Topide War, The search for the Planet of Eternal Life
Timeline: 1974
Location: Vega - Rofus #9
      * Ferrons - Humanoid
      * Topides - Non-Humanoid, Lizards
Star Systems
      * Vega, 27 light years from earth, 42 planets
      * Colonel Freyt (Promotion to Chief of the Space Fighter Forces)
      * Major Deringhouse (Promotion)
      * Captain Klein (Promotion)
      * Chaktor Ferron - First contact
      * Thort Ferron - Leader
      * Chrekt-Orn - Topide Fleet Admiral
Several  hundred  hyperspace  transitions  are  detected  27  light  years  away  in  the  system  Vega.  The  Good
Hope makes its first hyperspace transition to find itself enmeshed in attack by the Topides on the Ferrons of
the  Vega  System.  The  Good  Hope  begins  to  help  the  Ferrons  against  their  better  judgment,  and  when  a
Topide controlled Arkonide Battleship appears it severely damages the Good Hope. The Thort of Ferron
offers the use of the unusual matter transmitters in a scheme to capture the Battleship.
#11: Mutanten in Einsatz / Mutants in Action 
Theme: Ferron-Topide War, The search for the Planet of Eternal Life
Timeline: 1974
Location: Vega - Ferrol #8
      * Kekéler - Ferron
      * Gloktor - Ferron
      * Teel Vaal - Ferron
      * Verth-Han - Topide
      * Trker-Hon - Topide
Rhodan  and  his  Mutants  are  stranded  on  Rofus  after  being  crippled  in  the  Good  Hope.  They  utilize  the
strange matter transmitters to capture the battleship on Ferron. They cripple the Topide fleet entrenched on
Ferrol, negotiate the removal of a transmitter with the Thort, and head back to Earth for reinforcements.
#12: Das Geheimnis der Zeitgruft / Secret of the Time Vault 
Theme: Ferron-Topide War, The search for the Planet of Eternal Life
Timeline: 1974
Location: Vega - Ferrol #8
      * Stardust II Imperium Class Battleship, 2500 foot sphere, crew 300
      * 12 Good Hope Class Spaceships - Good Hope I through VII
      * Remaining Guppies on Stardust II, designation K1-8
      * Major Nyssen (Promotion)
      * Lossoshér Ferron - Leading scientist
      * Rok-Gor - Topide
Perry returns to Earth with the newly obtained battleship, renamed the Stardust II, to pick up trained troops.
The mutants are used to scare off the Topides without resorting to war which would jeopardize their new
ship. The Topides retreat but establish a base at the fortieth planet. Perry also cajoles the Thort into giving
dimensional lock that the Ferrons have never been able to break. The mutants are successful in breaking
through the barrier and obtaining the gold Infinity Box which holds some clues to finding the key to eternal
life. A base is established on Ferrol to begin trade negotiations with them.
#13: Die Festung der sechs Monde / Fortress of the Six Moons 
Theme: Ferron-Topide War, The search for the Planet of Eternal Life
Timeline: 1974
Location: Vega - #40
      * Sergeant Calverman - Human
      * Sergeant Rous - Human
      * Chren-Tork - Topide
Deringhouse  and  Sgt.  Rous  are  shot  down  while  on  patrol  of  the  6  moons  of  the  40th  planet.  Rhodan
negotiates a trade treaty with the Ferrons. The Topides are fooled by an elaborate scheme into thinking the
Arkonide fleet under Rhodan is coming from the system of Capella, to destroy the Fortress. With the there
and  abandon  the  base.  However,  Khrest  has  secretly  programmed  the  coordinates  as  the  center  of  the
Capella sun, and the Topides are destroyed.
#14, Das galaktische Rätsel / The Galactic Riddle 
Theme: The search for the Planet of Eternal Life
Timeline: 1974
Location: Vega - #10, #12, #13
      * Sergeant Groll - Human
The search to solve the mystery of the Time Vault continues. Lossoshér is given permission to search the
existing planets for the missing 10th planet. With Sgt. Groll they discover a false lead on a moon of the 13th
planet and discover then kill a stranded Topide. The positronic brain determines how to open the time vault
and they find a broken transmitter. Again the brain programs a robot to fix it and a team of mutants with
Perry and Bell, travel to an arena of tests. Betty Toufry is the key individual and they succeed in gaining the
next clue. The positronic brain works several weeks on it and still cannot decode the message.
#15: Die Spur durch Zeit und Raum / Quest Through Space and Time 
Theme: The search for the Planet of Eternal Life
Timeline: 1974
Location: Earth, Venus, Ferrol
      * Kerlon - Arkonide
The Stardust II returns to Venus and Earth to use the positronic brain to decipher the galactic riddle. The
quest for Eternal Life continues as a team of Perry's followers are taken back 10,000 years in Ferron history
to meet Kerlon the Arkonide who first discovers them and the matter transmitters during his quest. Khrest
leads to Earth. The clue that Kerlon has is a tube which he cannot open and Ras Tschubai takes it when he
drops it. Kerlon eventually moves onto Venus and establishes the Arkonide Base there, but he loses the trail.
The  next  clue  tells  Perry  to  await  a  massive  structural  disturbance  which  will  come  `soon',  and  that  all
ensuing tests will offer no help and could be fatal. Khrest and Thora begin to have second thoughts and
want to abandon the search.
#16: Die Geister von Gol / The Ghosts of Gol 
Theme: The search for the Planet of Eternal Life
Timeline: 1974
Location: Vega - Gol #14
      * Lieutenant Forge - Human
      * Captain Chaney - Human
The  structural  disturbance  finally  comes  and  leads  them  to  the  14th  planet  of  Vega,  the  tremendous
methane-ammonia  planet  they  nickname  Gol.  In  the  pursuit  for  the  next  clue,  semi-intelligent  ghost-like
beings from the fourth dimension who gobble up energy like food are a constant threat. After finding the
tower with another large transmitter in it. Anne Sloane activates it and transports the three separate parties
including the Stardust II to an unrecognizable area of space.
#17: Planet der sterbenden Sonne / Planet of the Dying Sun 
Theme: The search for the Planet of Eternal Life
Timeline: 1974
Location: Vagabond
      * Mousebeavers - Animal, telekinetic
      * Semi-Robots - Cybernetic
Star Systems:
      * Vagabond - 2401 light years from Vega, 1 planet
      * Lieutenant Tanner - Human
The Unknown continues to test Rhodan by leading them to a planet of "minds of a higher order". On a
dying planet they name Vagabond, the meet up with two unusual races. One is the race of mouse-beavers
whose  telekinetic  abilities  manifest  themselves  only  during  the  daytime.  Their  playful  nature  causes
accident after accident as they manipulate various complex machinery with their minds. The second is the
remains of an extremely old (45,000 years) race. The semi-robotic remains have organic life inside, and are
filled with hatred. Without utilizing the full talents of the mutants or the Stardust II, Rhodan manages to find
the  next  clue  with  only  the  talents  of  Fellmer  Lloyd  and  his  usual  ingenuity.  Inside  the  cave  of  the
mousebeavers, they find a complete miniature replica of the galaxy with the hopeful location of the location
of the planet of eternal life. They return to Vega, hoping to explore the remains of this civilization at some
time in the future.
#18: Die Rebellen von Tuglan / The Rebels of Tuglan 
Theme: The search for the Planet of Eternal Life
Timeline: 1974
Location: Laton - Tuglan (between #8 and #31)
      * Tuglanians - Humanoid, Arkonide Empire
Star Systems:
      * Laton, 33,560 light years from Vagabond, 38 planets
      * Spaceman 1st Class Phillip Callen - Human, Names the Mousebeaver Pucky
      * Pucky (In German the character is called Gucky; in English also M.B. and Emby) Mousebeaver
     Telekinetic, Telepath, Teleporter
      * Lord Alban - Tuglanian
      * Daros, Karolan, Xaron Tuglanians
      * Commissioner Rathon - Arkonide
The stowaway Mousebeaver causes the Stardust II to hyperjump to the system of Tuglan, who are rebelling
from  the  Arkonide  empire.  This  transition  story  introduces  M.B.  or  Emby  the  mousebeaver  who  saves
Rhodan's life and squashes the rebellion through means of his extensive parapsychic abilities. With some
hypno-training he learns to speak, and at the story's conclusion he is dubbed Pucky. The ship leaves for
Vega to continue the trail towards the Immortal Being.
#19: Der Unsterbliche / The Immortal Unknown 
Theme: The search for the Planet of Eternal Life
Timeline: 1974
Location: Vega, Wanderer
Star Systems
      * Wanderer - moves through space with invisibility
      * IT - Entity, Immortal, Time Traveller
      * Chief Engineer Manual Garand - Human
      * Captain John McClears - Human, Chief of the 8 remaining Guppies of the Stardust II
      * Lieutenant Marcus Everson - Human
As the Stardust II returns to Vega, they find that the Unknown has set another wheel in motion by causing
the sun to go Nova. Perry must choose between continuing the search and removing the Ferrons. They must
traverse a path through the sun's outer envelope to sync up with Wanderer (the invisible planet's new name).
When they arrive they cannot spot it. IT puts them through several more tests while stressing the Stardust II
and crew as much as possible. Khrest and Thora are rejected by IT, and Perry undergoes cell conservation
and chooses Bell as the only other person. He is warned that he must return every 62 years and be able to
find Wanderer on his own each time or he will not be rejuvenated. They return to Vega to find the nova has
subsided. The end of the first phase of the establishment of Perry's goal is completed.
#20: Venus in Gefahr / Venus in Danger 
Theme: Earth Unification
Timeline: 1979
Location: Earth, Venus
      * General Tomisenkov - Human
      * Major General Lemonovich - Human
      * Major Lysenkov - Human
      * Major Chanikadse - Human
      * Captain Liubol - Human
They return to Earth (finally) only to find 5 years have elapsed, even though only one month has gone by
for the Stardust II. The Eastern Bloc has decided to attempt to break out of the United Earth and invade the
Base on Venus. Perry must suppress this rapidly since he only has several days in which to feed Wanderer's
trajectory into the main Positronic Brain. His error in programming the brain's defences causes them to be
unable to enter as well. They succeed in crippling all the Eastern Bloc ships and the men are stranded on
Venus. Tako Kakuta penetrates the brain's screen and they program Wanderer's coordinates in successfully.
Finally, it is time to return home to Earth.
#21: Der Atomkrieg findet nicht statt / Menace of Atomigeddon 
Theme: Earth Unification
Timeline: 1979
Location: Earth
After his return to Earth Perry continues his efforts to unify the world into a single government. The Eastern
Bloc  creates  significant  trouble  and  Deringhouse  plays  a  lead  role  on  a  mission  through  the  U.S.S.R.  to
disarm their revolution. The mission is successful although Perry has a long way to go to settle the political
situation on Earth. Galacto City is renamed Terrania.
#22: Thoras Flucht / Escape to Venus 
Theme: Venus Base
Timeline: 1981
Location: Earth, Venus
      * Seals - Animal, minor telepaths
      * D1-D3 Destroyer, 90 feet, crew 3
      * Lieutenant Wallerinski - Human
      * Sergeant Rabow - Human
On the day of the 10th anniversary of Perry's landing on the moon, Thora's patience on his promises runs
out. She hijacks one of three new prototype destroyers. Rhodan follow in another one. Both are shot down
by the Positronic Brain because neither are programmed to have the newly established response sequence
codes. Various factions remaining from the Eastern Bloc fiasco are still infighting. Thora is `held captive' by
General Tomisenkow, while Rhodan, Marshall and Okura are shifting between groups. In the meantime, the
positronic brain has initiated Secret Barrier X, which prevents Bell from entering Venus' atmosphere in one
of the guppies. It is up to Rhodan to successfully penetrate the jungle, and to do this he begins a plan to
contact the telepathic seals.
#23: Geheimschaltung X / Secret Barrier X 
Theme: Venus Base
Timeline: 1981
Location: Venus
      * Colonel Popolzak - Human
      * Major Pjatkow - Human
      * Lieutenant Tanjew - Human
      * Sergeant Chekovich - Human
      * Ivan Alicahrin - Human
      * Colonel Raskujan - Human
Tako cannot penetrate the barrier. Bell is locked out. Thora passes from group to group as Rhodan, Marshall
and Okura continue to head towards the brain.
#24: Im Dschungel der Urwelt / The Venus Trap 
Theme: Venus Base
Timeline: 1981
Location: Venus
Rhodan, Marshall and Okura finally make it in. The Russian troops acknowledge that they wish to stay on
Venus and not interfere with Rhodan's outpost.
#25: Der Overhead / The Mutant Master
Theme: Evil Mutants
Timeline: 1981
Location: Earth
      * Clifford Monterny - Human
      * The Super Mutant - Human, Telepath, Hypno, Suggestor
      * Ted McMurray - Human, Teleporter
      * Elmer Bradley - Human, Telepath
      * Captain Barina - Human, Member of Terranian Defence Force (Mercant - Director)
      * Lt. Richmond - Human
Several  unexplained  events  occur  in  Terrania  just  before  Perry  returns  from  Venus.  A  nuclear  explosion
wipes out a plant and 3 of the new Destroyers are stolen under mysterious circumstances. Two new heavy
cruisers are under construction. A flashback to five years previous shows Clifford Monterny subjugating his
first  recruit,  Ted  McMurray.  While  Perry  attempts  to  track  them  down,  Elmer  Bradley  swindles  Homer
Adams into a $4 billion dollar loss for GCC, however even this is not enough to severely damage the New
Power.  Several  other  intrigues  occur,  of  which  the  most  important  is  the  kidnapping  of  Khrest.  Perry  is
unable to capture Monterny, but does foil his plans. He sends Betty Toufry to New York to protect Adams
and Thora begins to show signs of affection for Perry. The nuclear explosion is still unexplained and causes
Perry significant concern.
#26: Duell der Mutanten / Mutant vs. Mutant 
Theme: Evil Mutants
Timeline: 1981
Location: Earth
      * Tatjana Michalowna - Human, Telepath, Mind Shield
      * Roster Deegan - Human, Telekinetic
      * Cadet Julian Tifflor - Human
      * Cadet Klaus Eberhardt - Human
      * Lt. Becker - Human
      * Captain Hawk - Human, Killed in Action
      * Sergeant Harris - Human
      * Ray Gail, Pet Maros - Human, Tiff's assistants
Cadets Tifflor and Eberhardt are attacked by one of the stolen destroyers. They put it out of action, and
capture  a  minor  mutant  with  a  weak  talent,  photographic  memory.  The  mutant  commits  suicide  on  a
hypnotic command from Monterny. This demonstrates to everyone how powerful he really is. The guppy K-
5  has  a  prominent  role.  Other  attempts  continue  both  in  Terrania  and  New  York  against  Adams.  Finally
Fellmer  Lloyd  catches  Tatjana  Michalowna  who  is  working  for  Monterny  based  on  her  naive  political
views. She is also the only mutant whom he cannot control. After realizing she has been duped she leads
Rhodan to his headquarters in Salt Lake City. A battle ensues where all the mutants are captured except
Monterny and his hole card mutant. Tifflor, following in destroyer Z-82, almost succeeds in tracking him as
he escapes, but is duped into attacking the Stardust. Pucky succeeds in nullifying the Z-82 destroyer, but
Monterny does escape. Rhodan gives the world powers an ultimatum to form a united world government
within one year or he will enforce it himself.
#27: Im Banne des Hypno / The Thrall of Hypno 
Theme: Evil Mutants, Earth Unification
Timeline: 1981
Location: Earth, Mars
      * Ivan Ivanovich Goratschin - Human, Psionic controlled Nuclear explosion
      * Lieutenant Bings - Human
      * Lieutenant Carell - Human
      * Lieutenant Yomo - Human
      * Lieutenant Hill - Human
      * Sergeant Adolf - Human
      * Sergeant Raab - Human
      * Captain Berner - Human
      * Cadet Fowler - Human
Deringhouse is captured by the Mutant Master on Mars, along with the Good Hope VII while attempting to
find  his  hidden  base.  Ivan  Goratschin  fireballs  several  destroyers  as  well.  Bell  and  Rhodan  continue
negotiations for a world government, which Deringhouse interrupts as he attacks Terrania. Ivan begins to
destroy  locations  both  inside  and  outside  the  energy  dome.  Suddenly,  Deringhouse  pulls  back  and  the
Mutant Corps goes into action. Pucky, Betty Toufry and André Noir, begin to work on the GH VII crew,
Ivan and Deringhouse. Bell and the Mutants eventually attack the Mars base, but he has already fled in a
last attempt to hide. Leaving a false track towards Jupiter, he hides in the Asteroid Belt. Tatjana and Pucky
put him out of action.
#28: Der kosmische Lockvogel / The Cosmic Decoy 
Theme: Springers
Timeline: 1982
Location: Vega
      * Springers
      * Arkonide descendants
      * Galactic Traders
      * Terra, Solar System Heavy Cruisers, 600 foot sphere, crew ?
      * Jean Pierre Mouselet - Human , Monterney's assistant
      * Cadet Humphrey Hifield - Human
      * Mildred Orsons - Human
      * Scientist Felicita Kergonen - Human
      * Scientist James Fredrick Tifflor - Human, Tiff's father
      * Eileen Tifflor - Human, Tiff's sister
      * Professor Karner - Human
      * Captain Orglans - Springer, Group Commander (25-35 ships)
The K1 and several destroyers have disappeared en route to Vega. Julian Tifflor is called upon to handle a
secret mission to reveal the enemy. He is sent out with a special telepathic transmitter made on Wanderer.
The transmitter has a range up to two light years. The Springers are introduced. Jean Pierre Mouselet, a
chief assistant of Monterney, was rescued after the Supermutant sent out a call for help. The Springer's are
Galactic  Traders  related  to  the  Arkonides  that  have  become  more  powerful  as  the  Empire  continues  to
collapse. They operate in clans. The Mounders clan is the mercenary military force which is called in when
military assistance is needed. Perry uses Tifflor and the K-7 guppy as bait, then brings the Stardust II and
two new heavy cruisers, Terra and Solar System, into play. Several attempts by Deringhouse and Tifflor to
escape prove fruitless.
#29: Die Flotte der Springer / The Fleet of the Springers 
Theme: Springers
Timeline: 1982
Location: Beta-Albiero - Snowman #2
Star Systems:
      * Beta-Albiero, 320 lights years from Earth, 4 planets
      * RB-013 "Aubrey" - Robot
      * Captain Harglas - Springer
      * Group Commander Ornafer - Springer Orglans 1st Officer
      * Ferla, Honnap, Pardiscom, Mernok - Springer
Perry's  attempt  to  identify  the  enemy  with  Tifflor  as  the  bait  almost  backfires.  Orglans  keeps  squeezing
Tifflor to get him to reveal something he does not know, the location of the Planet of Eternal Life. As the
fleet of three ships comes into action, the K-7 breaks off from the Springers. A fleet of 30 Springer ships
arrive, but are scared off by decisive action from the Terrans. During this action, Deringhouse orders Tiff,
Eberhardt, Hifield and the two women to escape in a destroyer. They are crippled by the enemy and crash
land on the Iceworld (nicknamed Snowman). As everyone backs off traps are set for Perry, but they fail.
Orglans continues to track Tiff who holes up, aided by his robot RB-013.
#30: Tifflor, der Partisan / Peril On Ice Planet 
Theme: Springers
Timeline: 1982
Location: Beta-Albiero - Snowman, Venus
      * Etztak - Springer, Orglans Clan Patriarch
Etztak is finally called in and two separate fleets arrive of over 150 ships. Bell runs Pucky into Snowman,
who proceeds to assist Tiff and harass both the Springers. Pucky discovers that Etztak is ready to destroy
Snowman completely rather than let other Springers arrive to spoil their potential find and that they have
been using robots to spy on the New Power locations. Perry leaves to attempt a return to Wanderer to arm
the Stardust with superior weapons, stopping at Venus first to find its current location. The ships Terra and
Solar System are left to oversee the situation. While hiding out, Pucky detects some thought patterns that
appear to be hibernating.
#31: Der Kaiser von New York / Robot Threat: New York 
Theme: Earth Unification
Timeline: 1982
Location: Earth, Titan
As they arrive back in the solar system, they must sidetrack to Earth after Freyt informs them that the robots
are  on  the  move.  Their  first  attempt  to  deactivate  them  appears  successful,  but  is  not.  As  Rhodan  gets
control of the New Power robots, utilizing Arkonide Transport suits and the Mutant Corps, particularly Ivan
the `Igniter', things go out of control in all the GCC locations. Combining with Mercant's Special Forces,
Rhodan's  groups  split  up  and  conquer  a  series  of  robot  forces  setting  themselves  up  as  independent
Emperors.  A  captured  robot  leads  Rhodan  to  their  control  location  on  Saturn's  moon  Titan.  The  missing
Guppy and Destroyers are located and eliminated en route to Venus, and the base is wiped out as well.
#32: Ausflug in die Unendlichkeit / Infinity Flight 
Theme: Springers, Planet of Eternal Life
Timeline: 1982
Location: Wanderer, Barkon
      * Barkonides - Humanoid progenitors
      * Mounders - Mercenary Military arm of the Springers
Star Systems:
      * Barkon - 250,000 light years from Earth (between the galaxies), 1 planet
      * Topthor - Mounder Patriarch
      * Groshom - Mounder
      * Homunk - IT Construct
      * Stella Rallas - IT Construct, Film star
      * Laar, Gorat, Nex, Ragoon - Barkonide Governing head, Astronomer, Scientist, Physicist
The  Mounders,  another  Springer  clan,  are  tracking  Perry  as  he  hyperjumps  to  Wanderer.  This  clan  was
alerted  by  communications  between  Orglans  and  Etztak.  Perry  arrives  on  Wanderer,  asking  for  a  new
`ultimate' weapon to beat the Springers. While there he experiences time travel, being sent 250,000 light
years to distant Barkon. This solar system has been traveling for over 1 million years away from the Milky
Way after having seeded the galaxy with humanoid races. Perry arrives at a time when they are converting
their planet into a spaceship to return to the galaxy. Perry and IT alter history by correcting a minor error
which would have caused them to fail and get caught in the supernova of their sun. On Barkon, he spends
10  weeks  reviewing  their  visual  history,  learning  many  secrets  of  the  origins  of  mankind.  They  consider
themselves the progenitors of the humanoid form, they invented Interkosmo, and after being saved they will
someday  save  the  universe  when  the  intelligent  races  realize  they  cannot  cross  the  abyss  between  the
galaxies. Having obtained 2 tele- (matter) transmitters, he clobbers 5 of Topthor's 8 ships, but lets the others
go.  Topthor  warns  Etztak  and  Orglans.  IT  shows  Perry  that  he  has  very  little  time  remaining  to  put  the
Springers to rest.
#33: Eiswelt in Flammen / Snowman in Flames 
Theme: Springers
Timeline: 1982
Location Beta-Albiero - Snowman
      * Semi-Sleepers - Flowers, telepathic
      * Ragantz - Springer, Orglans "new" 1st Officer
Using the newly obtained tele-transmitters, Perry attacks Etztak at Snowman and Topthor at Earth. Pucky
discovers the "Semi-Sleepers" a race of sentient and telepathic flowers. Etztak orders Orglans to destroy
Snowman  using  a  nuclear  fire  device.  The  semi-sleepers  request  that  Pucky  punish  the  Springers  for
annhilating  their  world.  Orglans  and  his  crew  are  destroyed.  The  earth  team  barely  escapes  carrying  50
flowers back to earth.
#34: Levtan, der Verräter / Cosmic Traitor 
Theme: Springers
Timeline: 1982
Location: 221 Tatlira - Goszul's Planet #2
      * Goszul's Humanoid, Arkonide slaves of the Springers
Star Systems:
      * 221 Tatlira, 1012 light years from Earth, ? planets
      * Centurio Heavy Cruiser
      * Levtan - Springer Traitor, brainwashed to infiltrate clans
      * Goszul - Springer Patriarch, ruler of Goszul's Planet
      * Gaxtek, Hor, Sharer, Dorget - Springer Patriarchs
      * Lusud, Plugg, Ottek, Slurd - Springer Patriarchs
      * Resd, Virn Springer Patriarchs
Levtan,  an  outcast  Springer,  is  used  as  a  pawn  to  infiltrate  the  Great  Conclave  of  over  2000  Springers
headed by Goszul. Kitai Ishibashi, John Marshall, Tama Yokida, and Tako Kakuta go along on the LEV XIV.
The  conference  eventually  gets  broken  up  by  the  four  mutants  (another  bomb),  but  they  get  shot  down
trying to escape. Perry backs off as all the Springers leave.
#35: Im Land der Götter / Planet of the Gods 
Theme: Springers
Timeline: 1982
Location: 221 Tatlira - Gorr #2
      * Frernad Springer Vethussar Ologon Gorr Fafer, Wosetell Gorr
Pucky boards the Frer LXXII scout ship which heads back to Goszuls Planet (Gorr). The 5 mutants move
from place to place while hiding, disrupting the Springers until Perry can save them. Several Gorr assist
them and they discover an underground with a single telepath. The Gorr are Arkonide settlers who did not
advance (with a little help from the Springers).
#36: Die Seuche des Vergessens / The Plague of Oblivion 
Theme: Springers
Timeline: 1982
Location: 221 Tatlira - Gorr #2
      * Enzally - Springer Telepath
      * Ralv, Geragk, Ralgor Gorr - Springers
The underground are convinced to endure a plague to scare off the Springers. The remaining Springers are
infected including Etztak. Perry lands to finalize the revolution.
#37: Ein Planet spielt verrückt / A World Gone Mad 
Theme: Springers
Timeline: 1982
Location: 221 Tatlira - Gorr #2
      * Sentient Sphere - Telepathic
      * Sergeant Harnahan - Human
      * Rangol - Mounder
      * Borator - Springer
Enzally foils an attempt to escape in a secret battleship by the 13 remaining Springer governors. Topthor
returns to recapture the battleship. The Springer scientist Borator and 100 robots are knocked out by Pucky
and Tako as the 3 human ships hide underground and under water. Topthor is systematically convinced that
the disease is real and departs leaving the battleship for the taking. Sgt. Harnahan is sent out in a destroyer
to spy on Topthor and discovers a mysterious sphere on a moon of the 4th planet. The sphere is 5 million
years old, exists in a vacuum, is telepathic, and travels through space after acquiring enough energy. It can
also observe any spot in the universe, but can communicate up to 200 light years. It will need about 1000
energy. It indicates that Perry and the sphere will meet again.
#38: Vorstoß nach Arkon / To Arkon
Theme: Arkon 
Timeline: 1984 
Location: Arkon - Naatral #5 
      * Naats Non-Humanoid, Arkonide colony, 
      * Motuners Arkonide enemy 
      * Star Systems Arkon 34,000 light years from Earth, ?? planets (Center of Globular Cluster M-13) 
      * Ganymede Springer Battleship, 2500 x 600 cylinder, crew ?, 
      * 2 Gazelles, 27 destroyers Gazelle Class Scout 90 x 50 foot disc, crew 10 
      * Novaal - Naat, 
      * Sergh of Teffron Arkonide Governor of Naatral 
      * Ghorn Arkonide Sergh's assistant 
The  Ganymede  with  the  transmitter  and  structural  compensator  heads  for  Arkon  using  5  jumps.  The  last
jump  lands  them  into  a  large  battle  (over  3,000  ships)  between  Arkonides  and  the  Motuners.  Arkon
inexplicably does not contact Perry for some time, eventually responding with a battleship commanded by
Naats.  They  are  captured  and  immobilized  beneath  energy  fields  on  Naatral.  Rhodan,  Bell,  and  Tako
negotiate  with  Sergh  the  Arkonide  representative  on  Naatral,  but  Arkon  has  been  taken  over  by  the
Positronic Brain and the Zoltral family is no longer in power. The negotiations are inconclusive.
#39: Die Welt der drei Planeten / Realm of the Tri-Planets 
Theme: Arkon
Timeline: 1984
Location: Arkon 1 (Crystal World) #2, Arkon 2 (Armory, Brain) #3, Arkon 3 - (Trade, Industry, 
Agriculture) #4
      * Titan - Universe Class Battleship, 5000 foot sphere, crew 1500, 40 Good Hope Class
      * Orcast XXI - Arkonide "Puppet" Regent
      * Admiral Kenos - Arkonide, One of the few remaining powerful Arkonides
      * Great Coordinator Computer Actual "Regent"
Using the teletransmitter a Gazelle escapes Naatral with a force of 53, mostly mutants. They travel to the
Arkonide homeworld, the Crystal Planet. Orcast XXI is now the "puppet" regent heading the 128 member
Galactic Council. Although, Orcast is sympathetic, he is powerless and directs them to Admiral Kenos an
Arkonide who still has the drive. The Admiral devises a plan to recruit the small force onto a battleship.
Posing as Zoltral elite guard units from the colony Zeklon V under Thora's command they arrive at Arkon 3.
They find the planet undergoing massive production with 50 Imperium Class battleships and 2 Universe
Class battleships. They are assigned to one of the new large ships and proceed to steal it (renamed Titan),
leaving the Gazelle behind. With the Titan's assistance the Ganymede also escapes.
#40: Aktion gegen Unbekannt / Challenge of the Unknown 
Theme: Arkon
Timeline: 1984
Location: Voga - Zalit #4
      * Zalites - Humanoid
      * Mooffs - Non-Humanoid, methane breathers, minor telepaths
Star Systems:
      * Voga, 3 light years from Arkon, 15 planets
      * Demensor - Zalite
      * Zarlt - Vice-Imperator of Arkon
      * Hemor, Cenet - Zalite Council members
      * Orbson - Zalite Admiral
      * Milfor - Zalite, Chief of the Armed Forces
      * Rogal - Zalite, Underground member
A powerful tractor beam dragging the Titan to Arkon is nullified by Sengu, Pucky and Anne Sloane. The
Zalites  decide  to  negotiate  with  Perry  without  the  "Regents"  knowledge.  The  Mooffs  who  appear  to  be
harmless although possessing limited telepathic and suggestive, turn out to be controlling most of Zalit with
an eventual goal of overturning the Regent. The Zarlt Demensor deposed the previous one. Pucky and Tama
glass containers of methane but find out they are controlled by someone else. All the Mooffs are terminated
but more keep arriving. The underground begins to grow, but Perry short circuits an attempt at killing the
Zarlt by Rogal.
#41: Der Partner des Giganten / The Giants Partner 
Theme: Arkon
Timeline: 1984
Location: Voga - Zalit #4
      * Admiral Zernif - Zalite, Underground leader
Rogal  fails  in  another  assassination  attempt  under  the  command  of  underground  leader  Admiral  Zernif.
Demensor threatens Perry. Perry decides to contact the Regent and once again uses the transmitter to escape
Zalit. The Regent agrees to loan the Titan to Perry until he can resolve the situation on Zalit. The Zarlt lays a
Marshall, Bell, and Rhodan are captured, and telepathically attacked by a dozen Mooffs. Pucky, Ishibashi,
The Mooffs are captured and 3 are placed on the Titan. The Regent acknowledges his new partnership with
real leaders behind the Mooffs. Khrest and Thora are the "official" commanders of the Titan. Thora and
Perry's romance continues to heat up.
#42: Raumschiff TITAN funkt SOS / SOS : Spaceship Titan! 
Theme: Arkon, Aras
Timeline: 1984
Location: Thatrel - Honur #2
      * Honos - Humanoid
Star Systems:
      * Thatrel, 47 light years from Arkon, 3 planets
      * Lieutenant Julian Tifflor (Promotion)
The Ganymede returns to Earth for manpower and a new structural compensator for the Titan. The Titan
heads for Honur to lose the Regent for a while and lay low. Thatrel was an Arkonide colony that died out
and was declared off limits. The "nonues", little fuzzy bears, infect almost the entire crew with the fatal
laughing  disease.  Only  Perry,  Khrest,  Pucky,  Tiff,  and  Sengu  avoid  infection.  They  find  a  cemetery  of
spaceships at the south pole. Pucky is found to be immune to the animal disease. The enemy arrives in a
robot ship. Pucky frees the Titans robots, and the 5 take command, pursued by numerous robot ships. The
Ganymede arrives back in the nick of time to save the day, but the infected crew is dying.
#43: Rauschgifthändler der Galaxis / #35, Beware the Microbots 
Theme: Arkon, Aras
Timeline: 1984
Location: Honur
      * Aras - Humanoid, Arkonide Empire, Galactic Doctors
      * Major Chaney (Promotion)
      * Dr. Hayward - Human
      * Captain Brian - Human
      * Sergeants Dee, Halligan, O'Keefe - Human
      * Lieutenants Hathome and Crimson - Human
      * Nathan Hono - Ara
The plague is identified as man made. After the 800 new crew are trained the Titan returns to Honur. The
three reconnaissance Gazelles are brought down by powerful tractors, and Tiff's 4 all purpose vehicles run
into Nathan who agrees to lead them to "the Gods". Both groups are lead into a trap where they are attacked
by small insect-like robots who are infected with the disease. Tiff, O'Keefe, and Halligan escape and find
the  Aras  hideout.  In  the  hideout  they  escape  again  while  Perry  and  500  troops  attack.  Tiff  attempts  to
prevent the Aras from escaping in a ship, and is successful in stopping 3 of the 4. Nathan, the final Ara, is
shot down by the Ganymede. Khrest identifies the Aras conclusively. Perry must now look for them to find a
#44: Der Mensch und das Monster / Man and Monster 
Theme: Arkon, Aras
Timeline: 1984
Location: Honur, Arkon2, Mooff - Mooff #6
      * "Opera Singers" - Non-Humanoid, minor teleporters
      * Mooffs - Non-Humanoid, methane breathers, minor telepaths
Star Systems:
      * Mooff 36 light years from Arkon, 7 planets?
      * Captain Marcus Everson (Promotion)
      * Professor Kaerner (Promotion) Titan's Chief Medical Officer
      * Admiral Vetron - Arkonide House of Tastran, Admiral of the Greater Empire
      * Janus von Orgter, Tina Sarbowna - Human Biologist, Toxicologist
      * Dr. Orson Certch - Human, Robot Psychologist
      * Trorth Mooff Telepath
The ill crew, including all the mutants, are put to sleep. Perry seeks help from the Regent but no cure is
available. He is coerced into heading for Mooff #6 before Admiral Vetron destroys it. On Mooff a telepathic
warning requests that they leave. On this methane based planet the Titan is attacked by Mooffs and Opera
Singers (super strong, almost no brains, short jump teleporters). After close combat they discover an Ara
base/dome. Trorth warns them again, but Pucky and the old teleporter / bomb trick takes out their shields
and the invasion proceeds. Several Aras are captured but for naught. This group does not have the cure,
although they were responsible for the attempted empire coup using the Mooffs on Zalit. But the medical
world  Aralon  is  mentioned  and  becomes  the  next  target.  Trorth  explains  that  the  Mooffs  on  Zalit  were
captured children used by the Aras. They make peace with Perry and 50 of them sign on to the Titan.
#45: Seuchenherd Aralon / Epidemic Center : Aralon 
Theme: Arkon, Aras, Springers
Timeline: 1984
Location: Arkon, Kesnar - Aralon #4
Star Systems:
      * Kesnar, 38 light years from Arkon, 7 planets
      * Lieutenants Fox and Bristal - Human
      * Themos, Borat - Ara, Nonue plague creator, Chief Physican
      * OR-775 Robot Commander of the Regent's Fleet
      * Talamon, Regul - Mounders
Aralon's location is confirmed by the Regent. Tifflor becomes the `Cosmic Decoy' for a second time. Tiff
and Sengu bring Thora to be cured, while maintaining that they are traitors and that Tiff wants to marry
Thora. Although the Aras cure Thora, they hold them all hostages. Pucky is instrumental in saving them, but
allows Themos to die against Perry's orders. The Mounders are called in by Borat and surround the planet.
After the rescue team makes it way back to the Titan, OR-775 nullifies the Mounders. Perry then negotiates
a treaty with Talamon, who was not aware of the illegal Ara activities. Talamon becomes the first Springer
friend. The Aras accept Perry's terms reluctantly.
#46: Geschäfte mit Arkon -Stahl / Project : Earthsave 
Theme: Arkon, Aras, Springers
Timeline: 1974
Location: Arkon, Unidentified A, Unidentified B - Exsar #6, Gonom - Gom #1 - Laros 18th moon
      * Bio-Men - Humanoid, artificial life forms
Star Systems:
      * Unidentified A 8000 light years from Arkon, ? planets
      * Unidentified B 4375 light years from Arkon?, 9 planets (one of the few Springer Home Worlds)
      * Gonom 68 light years from Arkon, 1 planet, 18 moons
      * Gegul Ara Chief Inspector, killed Arga Tosla
      * Ma-elz, Bro-nud - Aras
      * Assistants - Dumeh, Santek, Nakket
      * Mulxc - Ara, Chairman of the Physicians Counsel
      * Moders, Tragh - Ara Assistant and Biochemist
      * Cekzel - Mounder, Head of all Mounder Clans
      * Sirger - Mounder, 2nd in command of Darfnur Clan, Information Officer
      * Grugk, Tattol, Ocxal - Mounder, Topthors grandson, Topthors assistant
      * Vontran, Siptar - Springer Patriarchs
      * Lieutenant Dreyfuss, Cadet Mengs - Human
Perry returns to Arkon requesting a leave to return to Earth. This effort is somewhat sidetracked as the clans
proposition Talamon who then contacts Perry. They negotiate a deal for the large amounts of Arkon T-Steel
on Honur. Talamon commits to defending Earth with his 218 ships. Meanwhile, the Aras are still plotting
under the plan of Gegul. The plan calls for having the next conclave of Springer and Mounder Patriarchs on
the  moon  Laros  in  the  Gonom  System.  Laros  is  a  secret  biological  research  station  under  the  control  of
Keklos.  Keklos  is  experimenting  in  several  areas;  synthetic  "bio-men";  eternal  life;  and  a  new  secret
weapon made from the Basic Material from Gom. The Bio-Men are able to be intermediate transmitters for
this material. The Ganymede returns to Earth, while the Titan remains behind and Talamon's fleet goes into
hiding in an unnamed system 8,000 light years from Arkon. Gegul's plan to infect a Springer home world
that will not participate in the conclave backfires as the Titan heads for Exsar where Tiff goes into action.
The public announcement of the Ara treachery forces them to send medical assistance and seals Gegul's
fate. The Titan then proceeds to Laros, independently of Talamon. Talamon convinces Topthor to go in on
the  T-Steel  deal,  while  a  team  of  8  mutants  (Marshall,  Yokida,  Sengu,  Tschubai,  Kakuta,  Touffry,
Goratschin,  Ishibashi)  and  Bell,  lead  the  mission.  First  they  alter  the  location  of  Earth  in  Topthor's
positronic  computer  (Orion  -  Betelgeuse,  272  light  years  closer  to  Arkon),  then  they  manipulate  the
conclave as before. The mission is not completely successful as the "unknown entity" attacks the mutants
forcing a pullout. The Gazelle almost escapes but is telekinetically pulled to Gom. Perry must pull out and
leave them stranded. On Earth a structural compensator is installed in the Solar System.
#47: Gom antwortet nicht / The Silence of Gom                      ** Last UK Edition **
Theme: Arkon, Aras, Springers
Timeline 1984
Location: Gonom - Gom
Races: Goms - Non-Humanoid, combine into intelligent Super Gom
Bell and the eight mutants are attacked by a Super-Gom which destroys the Gazelle and captures four of
them. They find a man-made cave. The Aras control the Goms and Super-Goms through the Bio-Men who
continually battle the team. John and Betty eventually make contact with a Super-Gom and determine that
the can sway them away from the Aras. With its assistance they find each of the missing mutants on the way
to the surface, but the Goms keep altering their loyalty. Ivan eventually recovers to facilitate their escape.
After the Springers leave Laros, Perry arrives in the Titan to recover his troops. Talamon notifies Perry that
the attack of Earth is on. They head back to plan the strategy of the defense of Betelgeuse.
#48: Rotes Auge Beteigeuze / The Red Eye of Betelguese 
Theme: Arkon, Aras, Springer
Timeline: 1984
Location: Earth, Betelgeuse - #3, Akvo - #4
      * Akvons - Animal, aquatic semi-intelligent
Star Systems:
      * Betelgeuse (Topides call it Lyrad) 272 light years from Earth, 14 planets
      * Colonel Albrecht Klein (Promotion)
      * Major John McClears (Promotion)
      * Captain Lamanche - Human, Deringhouse's First Officer
      * Chief Engineer Kowalski - Human
      * Wor-Loek - Topide Supreme Base Commander - killed by Al-Khor
      * Al-Khor - Topide Base Commander
McClears (Terra) and Deringhouse (Centurion) take their ships and 10 mutants to simulate the defense of
earth at Betelgeuse. Perry, Bell and Pucky are to remain behind, but Pucky stows away. Planet 3 has no life
forms and is the disguised target earth. Planet 4 is a water world which they name Akvomondo (Akvo). On
the  fourth  planet  a  base  is  discovered  of  the  old  enemies  of  the  Ferrons  and  Earth,  the  Topides.  Their
homeworld is 543 light years away from this outpost and 815 from Earth. The Centurion is captured, so Tiff
and McClears head out in a Gazelle which is also captured. They pose as Springers who are a leading force
to  conquering  this  world.  Ataka  (in  his  first  real  appearance)  makes  contact  with  the  Akvons  who  assist
them in their escape. As always, Pucky is critical as well, along with Marshall and Noir. The Centurion is
freed. Al-Khor disagrees with Wor-Loek and kills him. He contacts the great dictator to agrees to send a
battle fleet to protect them against the Springers.
#49: Die Erde stirbt / The Earth Dies 
Theme: Arkon, Aras, Springers
Timeline: 1984
Location: Betelgeuse - #3, #4
      * Cadet Martin, Lieutenant Fischer - Human
      * Titan, Centurion, Ber-Ka, Ra-Gor - Topide Cruiser MV-13 commander
      * Bernda - Springer, Patriarch of the Seed Merchants
      * Gatzek, Rogul - Mounders, Topthor aides
The Topides reinforce Betelgeuse with 400 ships under Al-Khor and move off to the 3rd planet to mislead
the  Springers.  The  Springers  are  gathering  a  force  of  800  ships  under  Cekztel  commanded  by  Topthor.
Talamon holds his 200 ships in reserve for Perry should he need them. Topthor immediately realizes the
deception and heads for Akvon, but the battle rages as the Topides begin to fall. Ber-Ka trails Topthor to
Akvon as they cripple each other. They temporarily team up hoping to find a means of communicating with
the combat forces. When they do they both attempt to kill each other but Topthor wins. As he is informing
Cekztel of the deception Pucky puts him out of action. Bernda is sent out to find Topthor but only finds the
enemy troops joined together under Gatzek, and Topthor dead. Deringhouse destroys the troops but Gatzek
and Bernda survive. As the battle rages, the dictator send an additional 200 ships to keep the action going,
but it is not enough. The Titan and the two heavy cruisers make multiple appearances but purposefully do
not swing the tide in the Topides favor. Cekztel despachs an Arkon bomb to planet 3 and destroys it. Perry
realizes that this is not enough and stages the destruction of the Titan and himself using the talents of the
teleporters. This convinces the Springers, Mounders, Aras, and the Regent that Earth has been destroyed.

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