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Sketchbook of the Ages

...These are the things that live in my head...

All rights reserved, 2001 Jonathan Williams
Please do not use without permission.


6-22-04 : Remembered that the page existed and actually decided to update it! (A little... very little)
10-09-01 : Added the Poll... what would we do without the internet....
10-04-01 : I got a guestbook! Sign it if you come here... preeeeeaze...
10-04-01 : Added more...
10-03-01 : We're up! Woo hoo... take _that_ second grade english teacher!
10-03-01 : Sketch-o-rama! Sorry, the only things I've got scanned are these so far. They're all from notebooks... Parallel line fans, get ready to drool.

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....The Drawings....

Added 10-4-01:
(Pencil, some Pen/Ink)
- Still only my second attempt at a female... mild success with the face... Obviously unfinished, might totally redraw..

"Elven Hunters in 2021 A.D."
(Pencil, Pen/Ink)
- I've yet to decide on what the background might be... but that's more due to not sitting down and thinking about it than anything else... oh yeah, and laziness.

"Daemon Serpent"
- This is a character from the fantasy novel I'm working on. His name is Grolkk, and he's one of the many antagonists.

"Take Off"
- This is the protagonist in my novel, Bayek. I drew this sitting in a park in Queens... just like to mention that.

"The End of My Rope"
- Quickly done sketch for something I'm planning on attempting either in acrylic or charcoal... not sure yet...

(India Ink)
- One of my favorites, another in the race series... foggy scan, kinda makes your head hurt from looking at it.

"Draconian Sentry #2"
(India Ink)
- Another off scan, had to make it nothing but black and white, lost a little in the translation.

"Big Ogre, Little Shield"
(India Ink)
- Can't stand the Ogre's face... not in the least, always hated it. The only reason I like this is for the elf. It occured to me that while I've never been interested in doing backgrounds (until more recently) this has at least a foreground.. :P

Added 10-03-01:
"Elf a la Notebook Paper"
(Pencil, Flair Pen)
- Some of my best is done on notebook paper, only because it starts out as a sketch. I open the notebook so many times, I'm confronted with fixing the things I don't like. Eventually I've gone over it so many times, it's worth inking and shading.

"Draconian Sentry"
- A sketch in a race series along with the elf above that I did for a friends (cough) webpage.. it was an alternate for the one that we both liked better...

"Demon General"
(Marker & Pencil)
- Something I would love to finish in color, but I haven't found the right medium yet... either that or I need to buy a better set of colored pencils.

"Drow and Demon Sketch"
(Flair Pen)
- The Drow is one of the race series, the demon just an idea I had kicking around... sometimes it gets so hard to break out of the ruts I'm used to following, that I conciously try to draw everything differently than I have in the past... this demon is mostly that.

(Colored Pencil)
- Done for a friend, it was my first _ever_ attempt at drawing a female... didn't turn out too bad.. I wanted to get to the coloring part of it, but I didn't get the hang of a female face yet, so I blackened it in. Then I couldn't darken everything else around her enough to justify that dark of a shadow... blah.. I still like it... for the glow rings.

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