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Site Created 21 March 2004; Last updated on XX March 2004

Solar System

Orbital Mechanics


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This web site is for kids about space. I, by no means, am a graphic designer, or web designer. I will try to keep this page as simple as possible while providing information about space. Some of my ideas are designed to help you explain space to children around kindergarten age.

Why build a page about space for children, and what makes me think I can provide such information (especially with such great sites about space for kids--which I will provide links to).

As fate would have it, I recently had to build a web page for an Astronomy class while at the same time I was asked to help teach kindergarteners about space. I thought this one of the best ways to start getting my ideas out there and available. I have work with satellites and space assets for 12 years now. This makes me no expert, but does provide me with a great deal of knowledge. Also, my wife has worked as a Montessori pre-school teacher (over 15 years of experience).