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December 20, 2003 - Hey, I finally made a banner! Remember, folks, it never pays to be lazy!  Do things! ^.~ Read Peach Girl! By the way, Tokyopop is finally going to be releasing the official Miwa Ueda Peach Girl artbook, Peach. Yes!! I am personally buying a copy. The book, however, doesn't come out until March or April. =(
-Mariah, webmistress
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Volume 4 of Peach Girl Change of HeartVolume 5 of Peach Girl Change of HeartVolume 6 of Peach Girl Change of Heart Coming Soon!

This website is dedicated to the hit manga (Japanese comic book) Peach Girl, by Miwa Ueda. Peach Girl premiered in Japan in 1998 by Kodansha, Ltd. The manga was a huge success and in 1999 won the prestigious Kodansha Manga Award. In 2000, the U.S. company Mixx Entertainment began to translate and publish Peach Girl in the monthly magazine Smile. Tokyopop, who owns the rights of Peach Girl, has cancelled the Smile magazine. All the manga within are being released straight to graphic novel.
Oh, and just on a side note, I'm really not interested in making or supporting any fanfiction on my site (gomen nasai, minna!). As I find the story perfect just how it is, I've never liked fanfics.

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