Draw for $$$


Hmmm...  This drawing for money business is very complicated.  I, myself is not sure how this is going to work out.  But bear with me while I try my best to explain and you try your best to understand.  There are some guidelines about what I can and will not draw.  So make sure you read through it before asking me to draw.  Also, there are things unfortunately I cannot draw, so beware.  That's all for now.


I.  Things I can draw...

1)  I'm majoring in Graphic Design so can draw pretty much anything you can think of for me to draw (and don't think me a genius drawer or anything, I'm not!  I'm only human here to practice and advance my drawing skills by having you give me challenges.)  Things I can draw are such as anime, realistic portraits, posters, buttons, flyers, your fantasy lovers, fix photographs, layouts for webpage or even making the webpage itself, fashion clothing, logos, cute little chubby animals, etc.

2)  When you pick your choice of thing you want me to do, you can pretty much get it in any style you want.  Such as in color pen, pencils, watercolors, paints, (which might costs more depends on medium I use), black & white, or if you have some creative idea such as using coffee in the drawing (which I did in the past, quite fun and smelled great actually...).  So yeah, any style you can think of.


II.  Things I will not draw...

1)  Sorry to say this, but I'm not that much of a perverted artist.  I will not draw porn or any naked picture posing in an provocative way.  Although I will draw naked picture if I dimmed appropriate to my standards.  (Approach, but beware of my decline!)

2)  Number two I will not draw is...  well, I can't think of anything besides number one right now... but I will come up with more when problems arose.


III.  Contact me if you're interested...

1)  If you are interested in having me do something for you, and you understand the guidelines up there, the rest from here on won't be much a problem for you.  The first step you need to do is e-mail me of your interests to animatedgirl@aol.com.  The subject line should be something like "Draw this for $$$," well, yeah, it's a little cheesy, but when I see dollar signs, you bet I will take notice of it.  (0''0) 

2)  In the e-mail, you should briefly tell me what you want me to draw or fix.  Make sure you give me some detail about the drawing such as feature of the face, what you want it to look like and such.  Examples: #1"Can you draw a picture of my fantasy guy?  I want him to be 6 feet tall, eyes color of the..." or #2  "I want to fix my photos and make it more glamorous! Erase my pimple, get rid of the red eyes..."

3)  After you inform what you want me to draw, you should then follow by what size the image should be and what medium it should be.  Examples:  #1"For the size, i want you to do it in 8"x11" paper and in marker and pen." or #2 "Keep the photos the size it's in, but make the photo black & white, maybe get creative with it!"

4)  After you tell me what you want, then get down with the $$$ part which I like to see.  HAH!  Offer your price range for me to consider.  Don't be too stingy either or otherwise I wouldn't be too excited and decide to decline you.  Tee Hee!  Examples:  #1 "I'm willing to pay you $15!" or #2  "Since I have about 5 photos I want you to fix, I'm willing to pay you $10.00!)

Price Ranges (I charge by how hard and how long I work on it)

a)  $5.00-$10.00----Easy stuff I can do in an hour or two

b)  $10.00-$20.00----two to four hours

c)  $30.00-$50.00----four to six hours

d)  $50.00-$100.00----more than six hours or the medium used

5) Well, those are the importance details, but don't forget to give me your name and your e-mail address again just incase you're using your friend's e-mail and when I reply to you message your friend might deleted it by accident!  Also, I'm not a miracle worker, so you have to tell me the deadline when you want it to be done.  Give me like a week or two in advance, otherwise I don't think I can get it done in time. 


VI.  Confirmation and Decline

1)  After you send me your "interest" e-mail, I would then will either approve your deal or decline it.  That's mean I will have you ask you for more information about what you want me to do just to make sure we're both clear on what you want.

2)  If I do decline you, you can try either a different price range, medium, style, or the subject you want me to draw or fix.  I'll probably tell you in the e-mail anyway, so you might consider my deal.


VII.  Working Process

1)  After we goes through all the approvals and information, I will get to work on your project.  I will e-mail you if I run into any problem and you can also e-mail me to see how the process is coming along.  I will send you pre-sketches if you require to see a visual process.


VIII.   Payments

1)  Well, before I can give you the final result of your project, I will need the payment first.  So that means I need you to mail me the money (in money order form, which you can get at most of the gas stations.)  I know this is a little tricky to do on your part, but things will work out if you have your trust in me and I in you.


IX.  Completion and delivery

1)  A few choices you can pick from after the project is complete.  Depending on how you want your project done, I can either send you the digital image in the internet or I can send you the image through courier mail.  Whichever you choose, I need the money first before I mail them to you, it's just for security reasons.



That's all the guidelines I can think of for now, if you have any suggestion, please tell me through the Fun Page forum.  Otherwise I will post more if needs be.