The Prince of Darkness

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Ozzy Osbourne

Birth Name: John Michael Osbourne
Birth Date: December 3, 1948
Birth Place: Birmingham, England

Ten years ago, who would have thought the wild rock star known as The Prince of Darkness would be depicted on an MTV reality show as a loving family man? Probably no one. Ozzy Osbourne became famous while performing with the band Black Sabbath and part of what made him so memorable was his dark side. Often photographed as a screaming madman, Ozzy did nothing that would depict a softer, saner side. Until now.

Ozzy spent over twenty years building up his reputation as a wild man, only to have that image completely shot down in a matter of weeks, after "The Osbournes" began airing. Infamous for biting the heads off bats (he thought it was fake!) and doves, attempting to kill his wife, Sharon, and doing drugs beyond control, what we now see of Ozzy is a sweet, gentle, and loving husband and father. You can not watch this show and hold to the prior beliefs you had of Ozzy and his lifestyle. The two images are on opposite ends of the image spectrum! While watching the show, we just see a normal guy trying to do normal everyday things.

Here's proof.

The Bad Ozzy: Bit the head off of a bat.


The Good Ozzy: Colors all day long.

The Bad Ozzy: Locked himself in a hotel room drinking and drugging to a point of almost no return after being "kicked out" of Black Sabbath.


The Good Ozzy: Locked himself in the bathroom to read a magazine when his house was too noisy.

The Bad Ozzy: Urinated on the Alamo.


The Good Ozzy: Screams in frustration at the dogs for urinating on his floor.

The Bad Ozzy: Chased Sharon around in a drunken rage attempting to strangle her.


The Good Ozzy: Chased the family cat around the yard with a broken foot, attempting to get it in the house so other animals wouldn't eat it.

The Bad Ozzy: Got lots of tatoos!


The Good Ozzy: Obediently reported to his wife that their daughter had gotten a small tatoo.

The Bad Ozzy: Spent time in prison.


The Good Ozzy: Rightfully takes a little knife away from his son, to protect him from getting in trouble.

The Bad Ozzy: Hung out with fellow drug addicts and crazy rock stars.


The Good Ozzy: Hung out in Washington D.C. with all the top politicians and was acknowledged by President Bush in his own category.

The Bad Ozzy: Couldn't cook for himself.


The Good Ozzy: Repeatedly offers to make a sandwhich for Kelly. But then there was the microwave popcorn incident. Some things must stay the same.

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