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Okay, it's not really a bunch of monkeys running this website, although it may look that way. There isn't even an "us" to tell you about, there's just me. One poor college girl who has ZERO experience when it comes to making a website. This is my first attempt at one and I never expected it to be so popular. I'm not complaining but for someone who has never done this before, it's been ALOT of work. I hope you appreciate it and have fun visiting. And for those of you who REALLY appreciate it, you can go back to the main page and donate your savings account to me **wink wink**.

Things I've seen on other sites that I thought I should put on mine:

Privacy Policy
I have no idea what a privacy policy is so there's not much I can say about this. I'm not reporting your computer's info to the SPAM and Hacker Kings if that's what you were thinking.

Advertise with Us
Don't know what this means either. If you want to give me your money, that sounds good to me. Go back to the main page and donate. If that's not what you meant, email me.

Ah. This one I know. I would like to give a wholehearted thank you and round of applause to Randy L. Pendelton at OzzyAsylum.com for all the help he gave me in making this site. Without his replies to all my frantic emails, stranger to stranger, this site would still be a piece of shit. I'm talking bad. Text was all I had when I started. No pictures. No colors. No linkable links. NOTHING! Randy patiently walked me through all my crises out of the goodness of his heart, trying to help out a fellow Ozzy fan. Thank you!

I don't care if that's not what website "Acknowlegements" are. If you thought I was going to list all the sites I "stole" stuff from, you are wrong. Because I don't even remember who I stole stuff from. I took one picture from KellyOsbourne.com. I took a few from MTV.com and that's all I remember.

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