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August 30,2002

Ahh....*stretches* ugh so tired....
I spent 3 hours on this comic...
I started at 11:22AM and finished exactly at
1:22 PM. Well, my brother was downloading a
FFVIII music video for "Eyes on me" and it
pretty much was lagging everything so I decided to draw.
All I have to say is "OWIE MY HAND HURTS>.<"
three hours gonna go relax after I'm done fixing up the site.
Well... yeah that's my brother Sephy in the comic...
(He likes corndogs for some reason...)yuup... anyways...
*laughs* Well yeah... see you later I'm gonna go heal
my wounds X_x;; I'll probably go chat... but my hands
will hurt when typing... ^.^; bye!*runs off*
*sighs* Note-This isn't my best...