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Cornelius Christopher Roberts was born on the 17th of June in the year of 1986. When he was born it was pretty obvious that he wasnt gonna be the smartest person on this planet and everyone knew that but what they didnt know is how cool he would become. Corey lived half of his life in Gaspe Quebec since he was 2-11. Sure he didnt learn a word of French but at least he can say he lived once in Quebec. After moving up to Cambridge he proved again that he truly wasnt a bright kid but went on to play Officer Alert in Mrs Mclouds The Disappearance Of Mrs. Kublochey. In the summer of August 2002 , Corey Roberts was picking at his right big toe nail and received an in grow toe nail which then lead to an infection. In that same year Corey Roberts wrote, directed and stared in The Cracker Heist which was a school hit, and students and teachers raved with his performance.

So call him C-Man, Applesauce, Nashacorey, netroious B.I.T and BIG T, Corey Roberts proves that now matter how dumb you are, you can always get dumber. SNUB GODTOH.