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Road Trip to AMERICA


On our way, Scrap Giraffe snaps a pic from the rear seat. Note non-descript GPS readout and ineffective electronic countermeasures (Radio Shack Radar Detector) pinned against pass. sun visor which would eventually pay dividends to the North Dakota Highway Patrol on some remote stretch of road.
Scrap Giraffe takes his turn at the wheel - enthusiastically knocking off mile after mile down those wonderful US Interstate highways. Is there anything a Scrap Girraffe can't do?!?!
Scrap Giraffe takes our picture in front of a mountain. Note some of the unusual rock outcroppings, some of which seem to resemble human "heads".
Not a native of the mountains, Scrap Giraffe none-the-less takes to the new sourroundings and quickly bounds to the top of the nearest summit. Can you spot Scrap Girraffe?? Click on the pic to enlarge.
Scrap Giraffe in front of a funny cloud shrouded tree stump shaped mountain.
Funny tree stump shaped mountain which we had the unrelenting urge to visit for some reason unknown to us. Except for the 5 note tone ringing in our ears, all was quiet and uneventful here.
Those funny lights pulling up behind the car belong unfortunately not to some friendly alien spaceship, but to the North Dakota Highway Patrol. Radio Shack Radar Detector - go figure. Bleeping and pinging all the way along the whole trip, until, that is a cop with a radar gun shows up - then the thing's as quiet as an f'n mouse.
With wallets significantly lightened by our close encounter with the NDHP, we peel across the Manitoba border with renewed vigor. All's well that ends well.

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