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Overflight of Thunder Bay and Kakabeka during return flight to Winnipeg from Ottawa.

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Apr 7/03 7:12 pm (from the camera) local time, passing Sibley Provincial Park and the Sleeping Giant. Poor visibility for the whole flight so far, but started to improve as we approached the west end of L. Superior. Crew indicated earlier that crusing alt was 31,000 ft. By the way, that's a stream of some sort of oil coming from the seams in the cowl of our trusty starboard side JT8D-17 (I believe). It flowed unabated for the entire trip.
Apr 7/03 7:12 pm - several seconds later. Same as above.
Apr 7/03 7:13 pm - Thunder Bay - the larger tracks through the ice appear to be from an ice breaker.
Apr 7/03 7:14 pm - Over the city - Bombardier Transportation, Mt McKay and Thunder Bay Airport emerging from behind the engine exhaust.
Apr 7/03 7:14 pm - a few seconds further west: Hazzelwood Lake, Eisenbach International in there somewhere.
Apr 07/03 7:15 pm - a little further west and a little zoomed in onto Toms/Paquette Road area.
Apr 07/03 7:16 pm - view towards R. Wilson's (Acrolite's Design Bureau) location and approaching KB.
Apr 07/03 7:16 pm, KB at last coming into view shows little snow. Jewel airfield of Northwest Ontario.
Apr 07/03 7:16 - another pic a few seconds after the one above.
Apr 07/03 7:21 - well west of Lake Shabanowan, which looks very much solid.
Apr 07/03 7:40 - nearing the Manitoba border, our still dependable Pratt showing a noteable increase in the amount of oil it's pumping overboard - this happening as the crew throttled back to begin the desent into Winnipeg.