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Format and Timers

  • Regular Yacht

  • Timer is at 50 seconds


    Please DON'T do anything that will disturb your op... Don't talk on there turn....Clap before there time is up...ect. Abuse/Harassment, In any way, shape or form, To ANY Player or TD, AT MY DISCRETION, WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFIED FROM THE TOURNEY.


    Cheating is to be reported under the support link on the main ladder page. If you feel you are being cheated or notice suspicious behavior, make sure to use this ladder tool. The administrator will inform the TD Team when there is a problem. Typically, TDs will not watch a game requested for the above reason.

    Table Settings

  • Higher seed (the person with the lowest number beside their name) sets the table

  • Table must be put on request

  • Keep watchers on

    Player Boots

    PM me immediately with boots
    4th boot = NO RETURN
    8 Minutes
    If a player for any reason holds up the tourney at my discretion will be automatically Disqualified.
    Delays during the game: If your opponent is unresponsive (AFK, BRB, ETC) for 1 minute during a game Please call me to your table. If they are not playing within 30 seconds after I am at your table watching this will count as a delay. If you have 3 delays in one game you will be disqualified from that game. If you need to be away from a game for more than 2 minutes please inform me via pm I will treat this as a boot instead of a delay.
    If a player boots and makes it back

    Player must take the score they earned.

    TIES & BYES:

    If you have a bye you may practice just be ready when its time to play.
    In the event of a tie, you will reset and play for SCORER ONLY.


    Only the person that DOESN'T win reports to the tourney page ONLY. DO NOT report to the ladder page.

    Good Luck!

    Good Racks!

    Have Fun!