"Did you write this?"

"Wha...oh, yeah..."

"You know nothing...", the blonde man spat, blowing a plume of smoke and letting the wind take the little piece of paper holding the boy's cherished lyrics.

He approached the pink-haired boy and stared him down evilly, "You call that a love song? You've got zero talent..."

With those words, the tall blonde-haired man walked away into the night. Hurt deeply by the man's harsh criticism, the young boy collapsed to his knees, sobbing...

"Why'd you have to be so mean about it?!?!", he yelled after the man.

But the mysterious nameless man never looked back.


Shuichi never forgot how that man treated him. Never; while the man with the honey-blonde hair was cold and bitter toward him without even KNOWING him, Shuichi still could not help but admire him. Deep down, Shuichi knew he had feelings for this man, but he wouldn't admit it - not just yet.

But, despite those feelings, Shuichi was determined to prove the man wrong - prove that his lyrics were a work of literature and not just words. He just needed enthusiasm. And he got it...when he dashed out in front of the man's car and screamed out "STOP!". As Shuichi stood and panted in the descending snow, in the middle of the street, the blonde man stared him down with a hateful glare that could burn a hole through concrete.

"You can kill yourself, but not on my car, you damn brat!!"

But nonetheless, the man took Shuichi back to his home - Shuichi was damned and determined to get some answers out of this nameless male that denounced him so brutally.

"So why do you hate me so much?"

"Well I'd hate anyone who tried to wreck my car."

"Not tonight...I meant the other night, when we met in the park."

The man turned away as he lit a cigarette, "Wasn't me."

"What? No, I know it was you!"

The man inhaled deeply on the cigarette, "Those damn lyrics...I can't get them out of my head - they're so bad." Shuichi's eyes narrowed, "But you just said it wasn't you."

The man looked at the floor as he spoke, not wanting to look the ignorant teenager in the eyes, "So I lied...your writing sucks."

Shuichi stood perfectly still, obviously hurt by the austere criticism.

"So, my critique pissed you off that badly, huh?"

Shuichi said nothing.

The man rolled his eyes, "Damn brat..."

Shuichi belted out, "I'm not a brat! I'm Shuichi Shindo!"

"I really don't care what your name is...stop whining."

The rose-haired teenager's eyes widened, and only a shallow breath escaped him. The blonde man looked up, "If I say you've got zero talent, then you've got zero."

And with that, Shuichi ran out of the house.


The next day, Shuichi was more than determined to disprove the man's hurtful criticism. He finished the song he'd written. As he sat in a conference room, sucking on a candy stick, his friend and bandmate patted him on the back, in congratulations on completing the song.

"...I just feel so pathetic now, finishing the song because of what that guy said."

"What's his name?"

"I don't know..."

Hiro eyed him smugly, "You like him."

"HUH?!", Shuichi chirped.

"Sure, you talk about him all the time."

"Hey I don't like him...he's a guy!!"

"Well, you already know where he lives, so what difference does it make if you know his name or not?"

Shuichi started to tense up, knowing inside Hiro was right. Hiro approached Shuichi in a sort of sensuous manner; Shuichi went by his instinct and backed up. Hiro grabbed hold of the candy stick in his friend's mouth and snapped it. He ran his tongue over it and looked lovingly at Shuichi.

"It'd suck if I lost you to some other guy...ya know what I mean?"

Shuichi was dumbfounded, "Hiro...you mean you're..."

The two joined hands and looked into each other's eyes; Shuichi's all full of tension and concern, while Hiro's full of love and sensuality.

"Hiro, why didn't you tell me?"

"But how could I? You just weren't into me..."

Hiro faltered for a long time.

"...but your into him..."

Shuichi swallowed; Hiro was right. As their manager, Mr. Sakano, came in, prepared for a meeting, he noticed only one of the band members was present.

"Where'd Shindo go?"

Hiro replied with a smile, "...to get inspired."


Shuichi ran all the way to the blonde-haired man's home. Shuichi immediately tried the door but it was locked. He then proceeded to tinker with a set of buttons outside the house. That's when he heard a familiar voice behind him.

"What do you think you're doing?"

Shuichi turned around to see the blonde man standing there. He snorted, "What are you doing here?"

Shuichi shouted, "I came to offer you a challenge! If you think my lyrics are so bad, come to my concert and hear them for yourself!"

"You annoy me you damn brat...you keep coming around here...it's because you really do love me, isn't it?"


The blonde man stared daggers into Shuichi, "Sorry, but I have no intentions of dating other men..."

There was an enormous, eerie silence as the two stood and stared at each other. Finally, the blonde man spoke up, "...so where's this concert of yours?"

Shuichi was brought back to reality, "It's...at the Tokyo Garden...on the 14th..."

Just then a young lady with brown hair emerged from behind the door, "Eiri, where are..."

She stopped when she saw Shuichi. She eyed him evilly before turning to Eiri, "Who's this boy?"

Eiri grinned and sauntered over to Shuichi, "Oh he's with me. I think his name is Shuichi." He proceeded to wrap his arms around the young boy.

Shuichi's expression was one of shock, as the older man cuddled him, "Now take it easy. You're so stubborn, Shuichi, but I guess that's what I like the most about you."

Shuichi was trembling and sweating, thinking to himself, "Oh dear Lord...this guy - this gorgeous guy...is nuzzling me! Mmmm, someone pinch me..." But just then, in his train of thought, Eiri whispered in his ear in a threatening tone, "Play along or you're dead."

The girl folded her arms, "So this boy you just met is more important to you than I am?"

"That's right.", Eiri spat, with a face as solemn as stone. The girl, clearly upset, walked away.


Eiri watched her until she left; he then released Shuichi from his arms. Shuichi had finally relaxed.

"Hey you can't treat her like that! She seemed really upset!"

Eiri walked away, "So what. She might be upset now, but she'll get over it." He walked back into his house, but Shuichi had other plans.

"Hey come back! I'm not done with you yet!"

The pink-haired youth followed Eiri right to the elevator. As Eiri prepared to leave, Shuichi wedged his tiny hand in betwixt the elevator doors, forcing them back open.

"You know what? I changed my mind! Don't you dare show your stupid face at my concert! You know if you really hated me, you'd ignore me, but you don't...you just keep on provoking me..."

Eiri looked right at Shuichi with his amber eyes; Shuichi felt his knees tremble, like Eiri had shot white-hot static through his bones. Clearly ruffled by the young boy's persistence, Eiri pushed him through into the elevator shaft and backed him up into the corner.

"Shut up.......you keep asking me questions, always asking 'why'...'WHY'...well let me ask you why...WHY do you keep showing up here?!"

He looked into Shuichi's shimmering violet eyes, filled with an intense emotion that Eiri wasn't sure if he actually was enjoying taking note of.

"...why do you look at me like that? Tell me why..."

And with that, Eiri slowly bent down to Shuichi's juvenile height and closed in on the boy's face. Shuichi's eyes went wide and his heart raced as he felt the older man's lips embrace his own in a kiss so cold and callous, but yet so full of compassion and tenderness. Shuichi stood in complete shock.

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