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My Art

This is where all the art is that has nowhere else to, here they are.

A cute little merman sitting on a rock (done in PhotoShop 7) **NEW!**
The ultimate Dragon car **NEW!**
Illegal Alien **NEW!**
Corey, the plant-human hybrid from an old story of mine
A Buck Rogers sort of scene with a guy scouting on the moon
A young swamp creature eyeing a ladybug cautiously
The Northern Lights?
Very very bizarre
Claude my pet intestinal alien parasite
Pumcat, the pumpkin-cat hybrid
A guy dreaming about his friend being chased by a fire-breathing chicken
A severed cat head with mechanical legs
Seth hugging another guy (the song lyrics fit very nicely
Seth in a cow costume
A dead guy in the light of the moon
A guy reaching out at you from the water
A guy engulfed in flames
A voodoo doll?
A dead guy under a street light
A really freaky looking cat
A very sickly looking cat
This is how much school spirit Ihave
A crazy little doll in a red dress
Umm, just really really weird
He missed one...
A really cool robot

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