Laurel "Laurie" Jane Juspeczyk (b. 1949) is the second Silk Spectre and the daughter of the Comedian (Edward Blake) and Sally Jupiter, the first Silk Spectre. She was brought up to be a crimefighter by her mother, and she eventually became Dr. Manhattan's girlfriend.

Silk Spectre II, 1985

She worked with Manhattan in some of his various domestic assignments, including the supression of riots during the police strike of 1977.

Never exactly happy being a vigilante nor as the spouse of the superhuman Manhattan, Laurie was more than pleased to quit being a superhero when the Keene Act of 1977 forced all but government-sponsored superheroes to retire. Unrewarded by her relationship to an increasingly distant Manhattan, she leaves him and shortly after has a fulfilling and lasting affair with Dan Dreiberg (Nite Owl II) whom she marries.

She returned to vigilantism in 1985 along with Nite Owl II in order to free Rorschach (Walter Kovacs) from prison and to stop Ozymandias' plan to "save the world from itself." During this time, she meets up with Manhattan once again and is somehow elemental in convincing him to return to Earth and save humanity from nuclear war and Ozymandias' designs. Afterward, she and Nite Owl II continue their vigilante careers as Sandra and Sam Hollis, their masked adventurer identities unknown.

Silk Spectre II is liberal-thinking and a "modern" woman. She is vocal in her feminist and humanitarian concerns and is quite a conditioned fighter. More than once, she is known to have successfully taken on multiple assailants. Since she has trained her whole life to be a vigilante, she has all the skills necessary to handle a variety of hostile and/or emergency situations. She has a pronounced dislike for the Comedian (at least before she finds out he is her father) and Rorschach for their ideologies and personalities that are so discordant with her own.

Laurie Juspeczyk, 1985

On vigilantism and smoking: "There's no such thing as quitting. Just sometimes there's a longer pause between relapses, right?"