Daniel Dreiberg is the second Nite Owl. Inspired by Hollis Mason's crimefighting career as the first Nite Owl and his own love of birds--particulary owls, legends, and mythology, Nite Owl II became a vigilante in the mold of Bruce Wayne due to his inheritance from his father who was a banker. Unlike Wayne, however, he has no dark origin story.

Nite Owl II

Nite Owl II invested his wealth in a variety of superhero paraphernalia, most notably including his "owl ship," the Archimedes, an airship replete with flamethrowers, missiles, and all the toys. Nite Owl II successfully teamed up with Rorschach (Walter Kovacs) in the 1960s to take on organized crime. Dreiberg mastered in aeronautics and zoology at Harvard, contributing scholarly articles to ornithological journals after his retirement in 1977.

In 1985, he returned to vigilantism along with his future wife Silk Sprectre II (Laurie Juspeczyk), breaking Rorschach out of prison in an attempt to stop Ozymandias' scheme to "save the world from itself." After this incident, he and Silk Spectre II took up the identities of Sam and Sandra Hollis, continuing their vigilante activities anew as undisclosed costume heroes.

Dreiberg/Nite Owl II is the quintessential romantic. He is somewhat self-conscious and diffident, clearly liberal, and sensitively intellectual in his everyday dealings. He may over-think before acting and has an apparent fetish for superheroics and all its gadgets and trappings. He is most effective when he is in costume, shedding his inhibitions with passionate enthusiasm that is rather surprisingly schoolboyish in nature.

Dan Dreiberg

QUOTATION: "I sort of regretted the Crimebusters falling through back in sixty-whenever-it-was. It would have been like joining the knights of the Round Table; being part of a fellowship of legendary beings...."