TOP TEN: Sergeant Kemlo Caesar, "Hyperdog"


Sergeant Caesar of the Neopolis Police Department is a talking dog with human intelligence inside a prosthetic cyber-exoskeleton. He's the desk sergeant at Precinct Ten--aka "Top Ten."

Professionally composed and diplomatic, "Hyperdog" keeps things running efficiently at the oft-harried Top Ten.

Hyperdog is always a comfort to the frightened civilian ladies who come to the station. There is, however, some suspicion and rumors about him being a bit of a cad--that is, a real "dog" with the ladies, a "player." He claims, nonetheless, to be interested only in other dogs, but readers are clued in that at least this is a lie.

Caesar takes off his exoskeleton when he's off duty and does "dog things" like "scratch, run around, that sort of stuff."