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Mikey: =^^= Purr MEOOWWW!
Raph: You are SO not goin out in that! I won't be caught seen with ya, if ya do!

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Last Updated- October 23, 2004

Raphangela: Yeppers! And thanks to those who have visited. ^__^
Raph: Hold on...
Raphangela: What?
Raph: You mean to tell me that ovah a thousan' folks out there visited and yet hardly anyone has signedt the GB?
Raphangela: Well, that looks like it.
Raph: Man, that sucks! How hard is it to sign the GB? I mean, can't anyone read or type around here?
Raphangela: Maybe. Maybe not... Donno.
Raph: Man, these people suck!!
Raphangela: RAPH!!
Raph: Well, it's true! People say they're fans of me...and Mikey... and yet no one signs the book. That pisses me off! Some fans they are! Mikey isn't gonna like this one bit, either.
Raphangela: ^__^;;;; Well, you've heard him, peeps. If not me... Make Raphy n' Mikey happy and sign the GB.
Raph: Or you'll never see another day again!!
Raphangela: RAPH!!

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Ziptango's Fan Attik:

Mikey: Sorry dudes, but we don't own TMNT. *sighs* LOL! I find it kinda funny, yet, sad that we don't even own ourselves... But when you think about it, nobody own's themselves. Isn't that funny or what?
Raph: Shuttup, Mikey! *sighs*

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