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This site is devoted to a character called Moo Mulligan.


Moo is a mischievous little blueberry-thing that loves pie and whale blubber. He was invented by me and my brother and sister a couple of years ago, and has gone from being an imaginary character to being a drawing in a comic strip.

And here's one of our best cartoons-and first in a series of comics. Click here to view "The Cola encounter". And why not check out the second part of the series-"Boo To The rescue!" There's still one more finished cartoon called A silly Moo (this was our first moo cartoon)

We also have quite a lot of funny artwork of moo like
moo & hoover and moo surfin' the net We've done another one called moo-nirvana


Animated GIF's

there's loads more cartoons & artwork coming soon

Got any suggestions for moo cartoons or things for the website? Then e-mail me