Yes there is a real face behind Critter here at Mega City Tours. Thats me, William Crites. Appearently I live somewhere under Sector 21 of Mega City One. I guess this makes it the Official Ten Year Anniversary of Mega City Tours. I guess it was back in 1998 or 1999 I was search for images of Judge Dredd and came across the original 2000AD mailing list. There I met Will Logan, Wakefield Carter, and Simon Fraser...just to name a few. When I saw Will Logan's Class of '79 I knew I had to make a Dredd fan site. But it had to different to all the others out there. I had yet to read an issue of 2000AD. Talking with Simon Fraser I finally decided to take the plunge into Thrill Power and was hooked. During late 1999 or early 2000 it finally hit me. All I need was images, which Will graciously sent to. So Mega City Tours came to be and Critter was born.

There was one basic premise behind Mega City Tours. To be centered around Judge Dredd and the Cursed Earth and have some basic information. I've heard other theories which sounded so much better than what I came up with. "Critter runs a very fun and informative website on Judge Dredd based around the conceit of a company offering tours of MC-1. This is a design for a new tour guide. - TordelBack"  I eventually expanded to the Strontium Dogs and Rogue Troopers worlds.

After several years of using scanned material from issues of 2000aad I decided that I needed something fresh. So I thought whats a site called Mega City Tours doing without some Tour Guides. So after surfing the net I found a great artist who worked within my budget. The first Tour Guide is what I ask the others to be based on.

My skills are very elementary when it comes to coloring. So Mr. Richmond Clements has taken the task to coloring three of them. To which I will always be eternally grateful. If anyone has wondered why I decided on Critter as an alter ego, it very simple. The little nasties in the movie "Critters" were called the Krites. Well my last name is Crites and Critter was the nickname I picked during Basic Training  in 1988.

Below you find links to the different Tour Guides and the artists behind them and of course the beautiful Richmond Clements.


(2008) Kassandra              (2009) Monique

(2010) Sara                       (2008) Katie

(2009) Amy                       (2009) Tina

(2010) Shellz                      (2008) Holly

Richmond Clements




Me (The Pittsburgh Pirate) and Jack Sparrow -  Pittsburgh ComiCon 2010

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