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Wednesday, June 25, 2003
Yeah, so, it's been a while since I've updated this page. Instead of making up some lame excuse that's probably only half true, I'll just tell you it's becuase I didn't feel like it. Yeah, but I've been updating one of my other pages at a rather constant rate... That would be my Deviant Art site. Yeah, I think that I'll probably pretty much abandon this site and move onto my other ones. so, what would they be? Well, I still plan to make my personal site that isn't hosted on Angelfire, but I don't know when that will even possibly happen, so there's no point in leaving a link... But, there's also Dead Muse (This is a new link. It's at Keenspace now! Wheee!!!) which will be updated and stuff as soon as pages have been made, and we're a little less confused about things, and we've settled on a site design. Yeah. But I'm hoping that that will be a successful project. Oh, and then there's also the previously mentioned Deviantart page. So, what does this mean? It means that nothing new will probably ever go on this page... But, I will leave all the stuff that is here now up because I don't feel like taking it down, and because it's kinda like an archive.. and I can use it to compare my works and view my progress as an 'artist.' So... Thanks for coming here. There are ALOT of hits. I'm greatful to everyone that has come here. Don't forget, E-mail is fun and so is AIM. I'll definitely talk to you if you talk to me, and if you're lucky (or I just feel like it) I might draw you something... maybe... I don't know. Thanks again for coming, and hopefully for understanding.

Umm... A while ago...

Well, it's been a while since I"ve updated here, Yeah, I know, I should put up the new stuff that I've drawn, but frankly, I'm just to lazy to do it... I will eventually though... Anyways, the production on my xepher site is going so slow, that it actually went backwards! Yeah, erm... my webmaster guy kinda seems like he forgot about it, and, well, I suck at HTML stuff, but I'm trying anyways... And, I've got another new site that's in the making, it's called Dead Muse Yeah... you know you love our title. I'm not sure if I put up the right URL though, I dunno, my memory tends to be a bit scattered.... Anywhoziemafoo, I'll be working on coding and all that good stuff for a while, and I will try and put aside some time so that I can put some stuff up here, but for now, most of the new drawing you'll get out of me will be on my oekaki board... eh, oh well. Most of you come here from ShoGo or MT anyways... so, I dunno... chicken.
March 16, 2003

yeah, so it's been a while since i've updated anything in the gallery, i'm really sorry about that... i've been kinda preoccupied. don't worry, i have been drawing. most of the stuff that i have been drawing has been oekaki, or fanart for ShoGo... most of the stuff that i've drawn that i haven't deemed really ugly, has been put up HERE and i've just forgotten to put it up here or something... hah... i'm warning you though, my skills have been deteriorating for no real reason lately. also, i've got some new gift art (Thanks Sarah!), which will get up here as soon as i scan it (grr... evil, evil scanner... die!!!!!!!!!), and get around to updating this page. production on my Xepher site is moving along slowly... i just figgured out the whole FTP thing, and then when i was going to fix the problems that were in the part that i've put up so far, the server went down... grr... oh well... anyways, when it's up and finished, you'll know. oh, and thanks alot to all of you who have come here and given me over 1,200 hits on this portion alone! geez! that's alot. i know that i get most of you here from either shogo or the MT forums, so i probably know about half of you. anyways, thanks! i'll shut up now...

Well, that's all i have to say for now... stay tuned for more later.


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Megatokyo, i live in this manga's forums.
here's naru's manga, it' be good... click and enjoy!
here's my elfwood gallerey... it sucks big time.
arcana, me likey vampires!
shounenaigo! bishounen are no longer uncommon.

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