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I HAVE NOT UPLOADED ANYTHING TO HERE FOR A VERY LONG TIME. ALL MY 'NEWER' ART CAN BE FOUND AT MY DeviantART Gallery. This is mostly being saved as an archive of my older, uglier works.

Sorry that some of my pics are so big... they may never get resized...
thank you shou-go for linking me! i loves all of blase biscotti! ^^ *huggles them all*

random pics

brr... it's cold
Striped Akiza#1
the first ever picture of akiza... it's old,big, and ugly...
aww, so cute (incomplete)
something i did for english class
The results of the wrong hand challenge!!!
first pic i drew with my tablet!
i've been tagging...
Mono Diablo! ^^
the last pic of 2002, so cute! ^^
the first of 2003, it's ugly... don't look
(tarot) the queen of cups
big boobies... funny! ^^
1000 MT forums post doodles!
i figured i should draw stryker... it's a 2 minute quickie, but i like it...
i loves this pic of Akiza! ^^
prisoner. maybe i'll CG...
remake of an older vampire character. done on paper... oooh...
playin' with perspectives.
woah... there's... color!

Finished Wallpapers

the above with extra words

Works in Progress (WIP)

erm.... i dunno yet
the above with more work
Ryn, the sexless... ^^
pic of me for future banner
banner slightly CGed
pic of faye, from cowboy bebop

Megatokyo Forum Battles

it's a secret preview!!!
forum battle 1 final
2, original pic
2, the revamp of it

Realistic-ish style pics

school doodle#1
mmmm.. you look tasty
i drew the yumminess
my cat

Random Anatomy

the ultimate reference!!!

Character Designs

Chibi me!
The White Crow
evil nymp

Split Destiny Manga pages

The first page of my manga, i will give it it's own section...
the second page of Split Destiny
obviously, page three...
page 4, boxers!!!
page 5, much fun!
6, hopefully the last of the scanned pages...

The Adventures of Mr.Stick (and other random randomness)

dragon slayer

Gift Art!!!

For Me

Akiza, by Naru
Kalana and Stryker, by bsaj
Kalana, by rutteger!
Akiza, by underscore!
saiaka, by Bebs
Akiza, by Kakita! (don't let the hair mislead you)
Ryn, by kazenokibou! yaay-ness! ^^
Akiza, by... erm... tsuchitochi (sp?)
prisoner, as CGed by Naru!
Nyght, by Master James

From Me

for Nova
for naru
for Sarah
for psykaoz
'nother for psykaoz
for my sister
For Bebs
'nother for Bebs
shounen ai go fanart for Blase Biscotti
'nother shou go fanart
i cged the previous one
fanart#3 for shounen ai go!
shou-go fanart#4!
more shou-go fanart! i luvs that manga much! ^^
page1 of a 2 page fan comic for Blase Biscotti
last page of the shou-go fan comic
for bsaj
for my younger sister
for matsuno!
for smardius
'nother for smardius

Linkies!!! it's good to have friends...

here's my elfwood gallery... it sucks big time.
Megatokyo, i live in this manga's forums.

arcana, me likey vampires!
shounen ai go, bishounen are no longer uncommon

Which Saturnalia Character are you?

This many souls stolen here since late January 10, 2003

thank you for your donation, you will now be forced to be my fanperson^^.