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More about me then you could ever possibly want to know...

November 3, 2002

Okay, for starters, my name is higgleschmigglenoogiepies, but I usually just tell people that my name is Kat, since it's easier to remember, and doesn't take as long to type.^_^ My last name is of no importance. My birthday is November 10th, which is 7 days from the day that i typed this. i am currently located in one of the most uneventful places in the US. I have eyes that are located on my face, which is on my head, which is attached to my body by my neck, which then sprouts out into arms and legs, which then extend into hands and feet that have fingers and toes. (pretty much, i'm human... most of the time....) let's see here... i have been drawing pretty much all of my life, but i never really realized that i was drawing... but when i finally did (sometime in the year 1999, or someting like that) i was drawing in the sketch style, and wouldn't have been able to tell the difference between American and Japanese cartoons/comics/whateverness... back then, i didn't even realize that i could actually be an artist (when i grow up :)~... assuming that i ever do...) well, i got into the manga/anime style towards the end of the year 2001. that would mean that i've only been drawing in this style for about a year (so please, be kind when you tell me my art sucks...). i was introduced to the style by Bethany, when she wanted me to draw a character from an anime... from which one is the real secret... anyways, i tried, and it didn't look quite the same, so she printed me out a tutorial for the manga style and gave it to me to study. i did. then i drew. i was soooo proud of myself, i had created a really purdy picture in that style (at least, that's what i thought back when i actually drew it... now that i look at it, i have the overpowering urge to set it alight because of it's complete ugliness...). but anyways, i took what i had learned from her and the tutorial, and eventually converted from drawing in the sketch style to the manga style. (without Bethany, this page wouldn't even be possible...) now for other random stuff about me.... i am in The Academy of Communicatons and Publishing at err.. my school... we have some of the worst sports teams (but don't tell anyone i said that!!!)... i used to sing and had aspirations of being a star (i must have been completely delusional...) and i also have been known to write the occasional story or two that are actually pretty good... some of my favorite movies are: x-men, lord of the rings, princess mononoke, metropolis, pay it forward, the nightmare before christmas, and quite a few more that i can't quite think of at the moment... i love to read. i participate very actively in my school's book club (and i don't care if you think that's geeky or not, because it's lots of fun). i am currently trying to learn Japanese (anyone want to help me?) and i also attempting to learn spanish (but not as hard as i'm trying to learn Japanese, since i have spanish at school and don't have to research all the stuff by my lonesome...). i am a practitioner of Songham Takekwondo (ATA!!!!!!), i am definately a strange person, and i am tired of writing out this bio... so you'll just have to deal with all the useless information that i have posted here so far...bai bai!
oh yeah, my AIM is darkheartartist come talk to me if you want to! it gets kinda boring sometimes when i'm inbetween muse deaths...


this many people have decided to try and figure out what i'm like since late January 11, 2003

it's surprising there's even one.

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