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The Longest Walk


Mar 15, 2004:
Ok I've decided to move my site to a keenspace account because they are more dedicated to comics than angelfire and its something new for me to try to figure out. It may take me longer to get things done for the first lil bit, but i plan on havin a new comic up there by the end of the week and mebbe another by the end of the week after... we'll see how it goes. Well i gotta get back to drawing and learning and blocking out the crappy music my roommates listening to... toodles!

Feb 19/20, 2004:
Yeah so ive been having some complaints about how fast the second comic flips so ive slowed it down... hopefully it is better to read now... but if it isnt be sure to let me know... i guess it just dint seem to flip too fast on my comp cuz its so freakin old. so yeah just click on the same links to see it slowed down... i hope it worked... toodles

Feb 17, 2004:
Ok im plannin some major changes to the site so hopefully they all work... its gonna be pretty much all differnt when i get done with it... im not sure what exactly im gonna do to it, but just keep your eye on the site to see the changes. So yeah i finished the second comic but its a lil bit redundant, but I hope you all enjoy it anyways. Oh and the first one can be found on the archive page.

Hey! if there are actually ppl coming here... look its my site for my comic that is pretty pitifully and barely started, well go ahead look at it... its not much yet but hopefully someday i'll be doing somethin big and good and stuff.... but this is all i got for now... Yay now its in the center

So yeah Im not sure how often i'll update this cuz it takes so freakin long to do up one comic... but i'll try to let ppl know when to check back... I'll be changing things around a bunch to make things work.... I hope you all enjoy it and if you do tell other ppl