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This page is about me, my family, and  my   hobbies                                                                                                                                        

My sister Dahlia is such a sweetie. My brother Jason is a cool guy. My mom and dad are sometimes very busy but are very nice to me. My hair is brown. My eyes are brown. I always feel happy and I have about 15 friends.  My hobbies are playing on the swings, football, baseball and soccer.


This is me.


Here are some Yu-Gi-Oh card pictures





This is my family


My cousin Max is in the front next to the person with the number 2. I am next to my brother Jason.

My dad is in back of me and my cousin Joanne who is holding me. My Mom is to the left of  Joanne and I- right in the middle of the picture..  My cousin David is next to the girl with the red shirt (he's sticking his tongue out).  My Sister Dahlia is all the way on the can only see the very top of her head.