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Figures Page Updated: The Figures Page has been updated and now has the new pictures of the WWE Ruthles Agression figures.

Wrestling News Updated: The Wrestling News Page has been updated with some info on WWE Judgement Day.

Lemon Strips Fan Opinion Poll: Because We Care

The long awaited Nick Mondo Hoodie is hitting the presses soon. What do you think of it?

It looks awesome.
It's not too bad.
Could be better.
Take it back to the  
     drawing board.

Current Results Bulletin Board

•LemonStrips.Com Releases 'Best Of VCW' Vol.1 and CZW Deja Vu : The first installment in a series of 'Best Of's' has been added to the Entertainment. Valley Championship Wrestling, the promotion that began Underground Wrestling and introduced wrestling fans to names like HALO, KhuFu, and 'The Hardcore Mafia' is now on DVD. Watch the legendary matches that put VCW on the map. Also the very first CZW DVD on the net. At this event Zandig took on Lobo after Wifebeater got injured before the match and could not compete. This one of the sickest no rope barbed wire matches that has ever happened.

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